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This is not fair

The world we live in is one unfair place. It is biased towards one particular class of people and people like us just suck that up and act as if it is not an issue at all.

Well, this world always favors early risers. If you are unable to wake up early in the morning, your life is doomed. Your life will be full of messy hair days, wrinkled clothes, burnt toast, skipped breakfasts, speeding tickets and shame. You will have to sneak into your work place every single day, you head hung low, praying frantically that no one notices you. And there will always be those traitors, few ‘early rising very punctual’ colleagues, who would give you a knowing smile as soon as they see you.Of course,their smile is always accompanied by a mocking question “running late??”. Well no,I am just on time as per my biological clock.

And then on days, when you manage to drag your sorry ass off the bed an hour early and finally make to the office on time, the same group of losers will feign surprise and pass comments  like..”Wow, I guess its gonna snow today even though it summer, look who is here on time…”. Ha ha, very funny.

I understand why this early to rise early to bed routine came into being. Sun was the only source of our light and our life depended on it. But that was centuries ago. Why do we have to cling on to that old school stuffs in this new era when it doesn’t matter any more.?Why should I not sleep when I want to and work when I want to? Why are we still stuck in that stone age?

I know there are work places that allows flexibility in their timings. But what can one do when the rest of the world doesn’t comply with this much required luxury? Schools start at 8 in the morning. EIGHT for god’s sake! Well if that doesn’t mortify you, the school bus pick up time is 7:15 am. And mind you I am talking about kids as young as 5 years!

So adding a good 30  mins for brushing, bathing and other daily business and at least 15 minutes for breakfast, kids need to wake up at least by 6:30 am. And what about the unfortunate parents? No ,I don’t even want to think about it.

Late risers are denied so many basic rights. We don’t get time to sip our morning coffee in peace, we can’t go for morning jogs, we can’t  cook a healthy lunch, we can’t even spend more than 5 minutes to tame our wild hair. We are always looked down upon. We are always left breathless after the morning rush which ends up  ruining our whole day. And on the top of all of these we are always made to feel guilty. We are reduced to a lower level of existence.

And if you haven’t learnt the truth yet, it’s not something that could be mended, waking up late I mean. Research has proved that the brain structure of the night owls are very different from that of the so called morning people. Is that our fault that we are wired differently ? So what if we don’t want to wake up early, shouldn’t we be given an equal opportunity to lead a hassle free life? Why this discrimination?

Ah..I can’t even envision myself waking up at 6 every single day for the rest of my life. I can surely foresee my kid missing the bus and reaching the school late at least a couple of times. This is not fair!


13 thoughts on “This is not fair

  1. Great post! And I agree with you. It’s not fair. I am not a night owl but I even can’t even get up early in the morning. I cannot even imagine what mothers go through when children start school. Gosh!

  2. I know Remya, it really isn’t fair. I have years before I get myself into a situation like that but when I do face one I will put my kids in the afternoon shift I suppose! 🙂

  3. I’m a proud night owl! And I get a lot of these comments too when I suddenly one go arrive early in office. I only wake up early when I feel like catching the sunrise on the beach 🙂

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