Dhoom 3 – A review

The inevitable happened.I watched Dhoom3 this weekend.

Gearing up for all the action and bike races, we reached the theater to hear that the tickets were sold out for the show.I never thought a Bollywood movie would have ticket sold out an hour before the show in a small town in US.

But, we did not lose our zest and bought tickets for the next show which was at 9:40 pm.Since it was only 6 pm,we went back home for dinner.But it was Dhoom 3 that we were going to watch and the nature sure must have decided to spice up our ordeal!
So there came a tornado warning and an alert was issued that everybody needed to take shelter till 9:15 pm.
But how could we give up, we fought against all the odds and reached the theater by 8:40(and it helped that the tornado did not actually turn up, it just ended up being little windy) and to our surprise found that the tickets were sold out yet again(but this time we were smart enough to buy our tickets early!).

I am not going to bitch about the movie(if you feel that way then it was not my intention). I read a few reviews which had smashed down the performance of Abhishek Bachan and Uday Chopra.It is not fair.The duo did their fair share in the movie.The previous two Dhooms had shown us the charectors of Jai and Ali from all possible angles and there is nothing more left to be revealed.It is just the old things.Ali’s dream sequences were tiring to watch, but other than those Uday Chopra’s screen presence was not that bad.In fact some of his lines were indeed funny!!

When the other Dhoom’s had Abhishek’s charactor Jai as a calculating manipulative cop, in the third movie his intellect seems to have suffered a serious set back( may be a serious head injury from previous fight sequences or just the after effect of Aamir’s screen presence) and the cop is portrayed as weak and almost naive in a few scenes(Aamir even gets to take pity on the cop and spares him from being smashed by a iron pipe)!!

Coming to Aamir Khan- he certainly has a marvelous physique in the movie.There were a few moments in the second half of movie when I felt genuine dislike towards his character “Sahil” and I guess he did succeed to portray the dark shade quite well! But throughout the first half of the movie, the guy is seen to flaunt the same smug expression on his face.

I couldn’t help comparing Aamir’s second character in the movie to SRKs character in “My name is Khan’ and (pardon me all Aamir fans) I would give Shahrukh more marks for the acting.(Ok, I am a Shahrukh fan, so what? :))

Katrina too looks absolutely gorgeous.She does so many acrobatic dance moves(with adequate grace) and does justice to what is expected from her (though nothing much is expected from her character-Aaliya- except singing and dancing like ‘liquid electricity’,what ever it might mean :)).

Performance wise I would give ten on ten to the boy who portrayed Aamir Khan’s childhood.The villain, the president of the Bank, had a convincingly crooked face and looked bad enough to earn the viewer’s wrath.

As far as the stunts are concerned , it felt like the makers were trying to fit in all the stunts known to them in to the plot.An auto jumping off the roofs of buildings in Delhi,a bike – ride on a rope, Aamir running down a building wall in slow motion, a bike to boat conversion, a bike crossing a running train, a bike going under a truck ,Abhishek dangling from a helicopter, Uday Chopra dodging the wheels of a twirling auto,and all kinds of acrobats you can imagine (or cannot even imagine) are there in the movie.
The plot has gaping holes.The only target of the robbery is a bank.The bank has branches only in one city.The police know about this and there is tight security around the bank. In spite of all this , not only the thief carries out the robbery, he gets a generous amount of time to engrave on the locker wall ,in decent handwriting ,a long message in Hindi!Not even once it is shown how the robbery is done, unlike other Dhooms.The whole emphasize is on how the thief escapes on his super bike.
So the thief leaves a message in Hindi and the US police doesn’t think twice before calling in two Indian cops for help.A message in Hindi should mean that the thief is from India and in that case how can US police catch him ? If Indian thief, an Indian cop is needed! I wonder if the US Police department always does the same when ever they encounter a non-American criminal!

So Dhoom is a one time watch(if you are brave enough) as it is evident that the crew had definitely worked hard( for totally unnecessary things) to pull the whole movie together.(Not to forget a very fit shirtless Aamir and a sexy skimpy dressed Katrina,which ever appeals to you ;-))

Two ‘SOLD OUT’ shows on a night with tornado warning definitely points towards a box office success, but it is just a strong punch on your common sense!


A long drive with Krish 3

I am a musical novice. I generally don’t gather enough courage to comment on songs of any kind. What if the song that I had just heard and disliked was a musical genius of some kind? So I usually blame my ill taste and move on.

But then this week end I was exposed to the exhilarating experience of listening to the songs from Krish 3 again and again. We had gone to a near by city that was 4 hours drive from our home and we forgot to take the i pod. So as fate could have it, we were stuck with only one cd that had songs from Krish 3,Chennai express and Ashiqui 2. Naturally the songs from the above movies took their turns to enrich our travel experience.

As I said earlier I am not going to comment on the music of the songs. But then what can I tell about a song that had the following lines?

You are my love
You are my dove
You’re my cuddly pudding pie
Tere kadmon mein dil rakh dun
Until I’m gonna die

I thought I had heard it all when these followed

You’re my bun
You’re my one
You’re the apple of my eye

and I called it quits when I heard these

You’re my date
You’re my fate
You’re my heaven in the sky

Could there have been something more , some gem of inner meanings in these words which I had failed to comprehend?

The other songs of the movie offer fair competition to the above song.There was this song that had “Krish Krish” and “He is Krish” whispered in a spooky way through out. But then initially  I had a great time attempting to count the occurrence of the word Krish in the song. Excluding the first second and third echoes of the word, I counted around 20 Krishs :)…By the time I listened to the song 5 times, the word kept echoing in my ears.Now that is a good marketing strategy :).

The ‘Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram’ number left me wondering what those three words had to do with the rest of the song.(I liked the video of the song though,Hrithik’s performance was commendable)

May be the movie makers felt the words ‘Ram’,’Raghav’ etc repeated n number of times might pose a threat to their secular attitudes. To compensate the same they have luxuriously taken the support of “God,Allah and Bhagvan” in yet another song.No one gets miffed, all the Gods get a mention.

This being one of the most expensive movies made in the recent times, why would have the makers ignored their song lyrics part? but then as I had told in the beginning, I could be wrong.I would be greatly interested to know if these songs made any better sense to any one of you.