A house, a ghost and Philip Norman Part III


“So how are things going?”, Lizy asked me as we sat watching Law and Order at her place a week later.

“Not bad”, I replied. In fact things have been good so far.I have been working my ass off. It was late spring and the most busy season for someone in landscaping business. Winters are usually slow for us, sometimes edging on scary. Last year we survived solely on a few snow blowing jobs. The good thing is that I get to hire most of my workers seasonally.It is a risk, sometimes one can end up with no good laborers during the busiest weeks. But this year I think I got lucky, most of the lads who worked for me last year have come back.We have got the contracts from two major corporate business parks and a new community with around 15 houses under construction.

“And how are you finding the house”, Lizy pressed. I did not reply. Yes, there was definitely something off in my new home. But I did not find it very concerning.

“Jeff told me that the workers are a bit paranoid”, Lizy added.

“Most of them are young and stupid”, I justified. Yes, I was aware of the talks that went behind my back.  “And most importantly, they don’t get to spend any time in the house, now that they are mostly stuck at the work sites.I don’t understand why they make up all these stories. I am the one who lives there and I don’t find anything out of ordinary”

“Phil…look at me”, Lizy switched off the TV. I reluctantly tore my eyes off the screen and looked at her. ” I distinctly heard the whisper”, she spoke in a low voice.

“I doubt it”, I said without breaking the eye contact.

She raised her eye brows and I continued. “I am sure Jeff had already filled you about the rumors before you visited the house. And you just imagined things”.Lizy was a fitness instructor and Jeff, my work supervisor, was one of her first and oldest clients. They spoke almost everyday.

“So what?” Lizy became defensive.” I did not imagine that voice. It was so disturbing, I still can’t sleep at night”.

I smiled and shrugged. “And I have been asking around..”, Lizy continued.

“Of course, you have been..”, I rolled my eyes.” Now why don’t you stop and let it be? There is nothing wrong with my home, period”

“And I have been hearing stories”, Lizy continued as if I had not spoken.

“About the last owner running away in her sexy nightwear? It’s a pretty scandalous picture”. I joked.

“Wait..what?”, Lizy was all ears.”Where did you hear that?”

“My real estate agent told me. A few seconds before I was about to sign the contract. Apparently the ghost had scared the shit out of her ”

“And you don’t think you should have asked around before signing the contract”, she looked at me as if she had just discovered that her brother was the stupidest person to walk on the face of the earth.

“I don’t believe in these ghosts,supernaturals or whatever. And even if I do, I don’t think it’s a big deal, big enough to let go the only option to save my sorry ass ” And with that I snatched the remote off her hand and switched back the TV on.

To be continued


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