Why this blog ?

I believe I am having an early mid-life crisis !

Most of us want to be special and different from the rest of the crowd.But as we grow older we realize that there is nothing special about our existence. We are just one of those millions of ordinary human beings who were born and who would eventually die, causing no particular turbulence in the course of their life. This blog is perhaps an attempt by my confused-frustrated mind to convince me that I am special or perhaps its just a place for me to do something different!

As I child I always wanted to be a writer. Whenever I read a well written article or a book that I love, I feel a cloud of jealousy and a sense of loss descending on me. And then I decided to write something, however stupid it might end up being. I would love to see my works published, even when I know that it’s a non achievable feat. I am by no means a spectacular writer,  I don’t even know if I can call myself a writer or a blogger. But my attempts to pen down my thoughts and fantasies have helped me evolve as a person, it has made me a keen observer and in that way I think that the purpose of this blog has already been served!

I am glad that I was able to keep my blog alive for more than a year now. I can’t wait for my daughter to start reading my stories and thoughts , I always tell her that I am writing for her :).I am not sure why anyone would ever read my posts, for there are hundreds, may be thousands, of well written blogs on all available subjects and themes.This blog of mine is just a futile attempt.But if at all someone reads through,I will be more than blessed :).



22 thoughts on “Why this blog ?

      1. Lol… pardon me… it was not your way… seriously now a days kids are so smart in their talks that I fail to judge… I judged you from your profile pic with your daughter perhaps… seeing that stamp sized thumbnail I misread you totally 😛

  1. Hey, hello! This is priya raj. I am happy that i have found a replica here, sailing on the same boat with same future insight, except that I am 2 years elder than you.. I started my blog with the same thought that, atleast my children will read it in future.. Love your writings, especially poems.. Do visit my blog, http://pencilstripes.blogspot.com

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