The end

All love stories come with an expiry date. For some this date of expiry comes after years of together and for others this could be as short as a few days.

If your are lucky  enough, your great saga of love would reach it’s climax  before this unfortunate date of expiry. In that case your memories would freeze in to what would become your sacred revered love story, the one that would become your solace during the darkest hours of your life.It would be always be cherished, recalled with fond and mourned with dignity.

But if this story of yours goes on beyond this threshold of time, it will be forced to change it’s course from being the beautiful account of being in love in to a revolting account of falling out of love. Lucky are those whose journey together end before this ugly turn of events, for they would always have a piece of their loved ones to cling on to throughout their life.

And for the others, the less fortunate ones, life would become a baffling space.They would watch in horror the inevitable transformation of their loved ones – the ones who once were the center of their universe; their biggest source of joy and strength – into someone sinister;someone whom they would learn to hate with all their heart; someone with whom they could not bear to be alone with even for a few seconds!

And that ought to be the most traumatic experience a person could ever go through, to lose one’s love and not be able to mourn it properly; to be convinced that something you considered the most precious thing in your life was nothing more than a perverted illusion!


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