My lover’s shrine

This winding road will take me to you
Across the mountains and the swirling falls
As I pass the last birch tree by the lake
I will finally be at home with you!
When I close my eyes, I see your flushed cheeks,
And your hazel blue eyes glued on to my face
As we sat on that old garden swing
Beside the white rose bush where shared our first kiss
It seems like a million heart beats ago,
But my lips still burns from the heat of that kiss
And my hunger for you has grown boundless and strong
Even with the distances that kept us apart!
I am back, to keep my promise to you;
Back as I can’t bear being without you;
Back to where it all started,
Back to where it all should end.

You would be where I had left you then
Four feet away from the big wooden fence
Under the flowery carpet of the cherry blossoms
Besides the boulder that marks your shrine!
No one would ever know where you are,
For you are just mine to be found.
I hid you, my precious, from the prying eyes of the world
Built you a safe haven, where you would always stay mine!
You gasped in surprise as my knife tore your heart,
And it killed a part of me to see the hurt cloud your eyes!
Did you stop loving me as you went limp in my arms?
As my warm kiss caressed your cold cheeks, did you know I had no other choice?
I never betrayed you, never stopped loving you for once
I did it for us, for you and me, my love!
When you no longer could see the truth;
When you thought you loved me no more,
How could I not save you one last time?
Wouldn’t it have hurt you more being with someone else?
But I thought I could leave you here
And that your memories would keep me strong.
Though you live within me every second I breathe,
And you thrive in my dreams and in my every thought,
It took all these years to see
That it is not enough anymore!
A part of me rests with you under that dirt,
And tonight it’s time for the whole of me to be with you again!
The shadows have grown longer
And the wind is howling like a lunatic, reminding me of you!
As I see the last birch tree by the lake,
I can’t wait to be back in your arms.


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