A house, a ghost and Philip Norman

“Mr Norman”

Monique, my real estate agent-in fact my very pretty and overwhelmingly sexy real estate agent- interrupted me .I  was sitting across her in her office reading the sales contract I was about to sign.

I looked up from the documents I was reading- or at least pretending to read- to see her nervously lick her lips. “I have to tell you something, I was debating if I should just let it be, but I guess I won’t get a good night’s sleep without letting you know”

I felt a small ray of hope rising in my heart. Me and Monique had spent so much time together in the past two months, looking at one house after the other and may be, just may be, she has developed some inexplicable liking towards me. So what if I was way beneath her league, don’t they say love is blind!

“Yes, Miss Sasha, go ahead”, I encouraged her and noted that my voice came out a bit more huskier than I had intended it to be.

Monique blushed a little and she bit her lips as if trying to figure out how to proceed. And I suddenly started to have not very appropriate visions that involved me, Monique and a candle lit bathtub. “Well, Mr Norman. I know how much buying this house means to you. But my firm had not been very honest about this whole deal.”, she blurted out after a while

“What??”, I croaked rather gracelessly, disappointment and panic rising within me. “What’s wrong? Is this some kind of scam?” I asked, my glance flickering between the documents, that I had failed to decipher in spite of trying so hard for the last 30 minutes, and her very flushed face.

“No..No Mr.Norman”, Monique exclaimed,”there is nothing’s wrong with the contract. It’s all fool proof”. She assured.

I looked at her quizzically expecting an explanation.

“You see, it is the house. There is something wrong with the house you are about to buy”

Yes, I knew it. How else did I end up with this ‘so good to be true’ deal? I mean, a house in 1 acre land in a decent locality costing only $200,000, way way below the market price. It did come up a few times- my father had expressed his doubts, so did a few friends. But I had downplayed it, proclaiming that I was one lucky bastard.

“What’s wrong”, my voice was unnaturally low.

Monique opened and closed her mouth like a goldfish. I raised my eyebrows and continued to glare at her.

“I was assured a good commission Mr.Norman, but you see, I am a honest woman. I would have never found peace if I had tricked a hardworking person like you”, she finally said.

“Well, I appreciate that, Miss Sasha”, I replied flatly. “But for heaven’s sake, what’s wrong with the house, is it not structurally sound?”

“ had it inspected, remember. Also our firm has every single house inspected by a very reliable professional before we undertake any sale”, She became defensive.

“Then what is it- a rattle snake infestation? Or will I have drug mafia kings as neighbors or has somebody buried twenty odd dead bodies in the basement?”, I almost shouted.

She moved back a few inches, looking at me as if I was insane. Then she cleared her throat and met my stare. “Mr Norman”, Monique almost whispered,” The house you are about to buy is haunted”

I just sat there, with my mouth sagged open. After I while I managed to find my voice,”Is this some kind of joke?”, I looked around to see if somebody was hiding  behind the doors ready to jump out singing “Tricked ya…”. But no one did. So I sat looking at this extremely beautiful woman, who by the way was acting incredibly weird, deciding whether I should just laugh out loud or be offended.



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