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And she turns 5

My little one turns 5 next week. And I still find it hard to believe, that I am actually a mother now and this is not some kind of role play.

This,I guess, is one of the best place to be as a parent. My child is not a tantrum throwing toddler anymore, and thankfully it would quite take some time before she turns into a hard to manage teenager.

She now understands( most of the times) my reasoning and hence is easy to manage.There is no, “I want CAAAANNDYYYY- rolling on the floor” kind of drama. Most of the times she knows when I say no and when I explain why(the emphasize is on most of the times 🙂 ). That is a huge relief.

Most importantly, she has grown up enough to enjoy a conversation. On some evenings, we go on a walk and we talk about random things that we see like earthworms, mosquitoes, spiders, butterflies. She loves hearing anything that starts with “When you were a little baby….”. I tell her stories and she keeps on asking for more. When I am up for it, we go to the library and sit in the kid section reading a book of her choice. On some other days, she watches me cook, occasionally volunteering to help. On other days we snuggle together watching a movie. Sometimes she combs my hair(this is a risk that I take, because more than often she just play tug and war with my hair) and does my make up(she is better than me at this). We play I spy or hide and seek( I am tired of playing hide and seek,I wonder how did I even like it when I was a kid??) or something like that.

Yes, these are just the good parts.

There are times when she keeps chanting “I’m bored” a million times making me crazy. There are days when I find lipstick marks all over the bathroom counter tops and kajal splattered all over the carpet that drives me mad. Then on some days, I find locks of hair carefully stashed in the bathroom cupboard. On other days the lazy me just curl up on the bed all evening reading or watching something, heartlessly ignoring her cries for companionship. There are days when unkind words are exchanged causing heart breaks that are later patched up with a sorry and lots of hugs.

I think God should have sent kids to this world as 5 year olds, parenting wouldn’t have been so difficult then :).


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