Challenge it is!

And I have decided to take up the A to Z challenge this year.

After gloriously giving up on this challenge last year after a couple of posts, I had vowed to never sign up for any writing challenge ever again. But then after almost 4 months of dormancy on this blog of mine, I think this is the only way to help me re-start writing.

I am not a writer, so I won’t call this phase a writer’s block. But what ever it is, I have stopped doing the one thing that I enjoy doing.So A to Z challenge it is, to overcome this ‘just-plain-lazy-phase’ of mine.

And as for theme reveal, I am undertaking the ‘not any particular theme-anything under the sun(or may be even beyond the sun)’ strategy.  And I really hope to finally pull my poor blog out from it’s hibernation.

Wish me the best 🙂 !


15 thoughts on “Challenge it is!

  1. All the wishes girl. Keep writing and make space for thoughts are always ready to flow. It is us who seem to ignore. Thanks for making me also realize how dormant I too have come to be. Thanks for the spark 🙂

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