Living in a cocoon
I saw the world from within;
cushioned in the warmth of love and care!
Nothing touched me;
the wall around kept me safe and sound,
concealing me from all wicked eyes!
My world was my own
It was a joyful place;
a place where the dreams reigned
And laughter rang clear!
Though sometimes through my windows
I saw things bad;
and they did move my heart
I shed a few tears,
for a moment feel dutifully guilty
may be I should have done a thing or two?
or may be not
Who was I to change
things beyond my doors?
and then I sighed in relief
it was some one else out there
it was not me,
it will never be me…
I  never understood
as I went back into my trance,
dreaming of wings and colors!
and then one day
They yanked me out into the cold
I watched my home burn
and my walls disappear
I had no wings to fly
the colors I dreamed of
blended into an ugly gray!
They slapped me,disrobed me;
snatched away my dreams,
my happiness, my world!
They laughed at my helpless tears
And gritted through their teeth
that my world was a mirage,
and my cocoon a fantasy!
And I yelped in pain
I shivered in humiliation
And looked around for a soothing hug
a whisper of warmth
a nod of compassion!
but all I saw
were a thousand faces
gazing through the windows
of those sheltered cocoons;
And I saw in them pity,
indifferent, cold pity!
I looked up to the skies
and I cursed my existence
But never did I dare to complain.
I just wished I knew better then,
when I was one of them,
when some pair of dejected eyes
paused on my face
searching for a hint of smile!


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