Letting go

source: google image search
source: google image search

You have been gone for a while
As the days have grown into years
And the seasons came and went as before
It was just me who refused to budge!
And tonight it’s again the lonely me
and your raw memories, mourning together one last time!
As I sit huddled amidst all other things you could’t take,
breathing in the last whiff of your existence!

I have boxed all your clothes,
your favorite tees,jeans and shirts
(And even that lacy weird tuxedo
that I’m sure you won’t miss a bit!)
Your books and discs, your good old chums,
they lie on the porch awaiting their new homes,
to be something more than just the ghosts of your past,
impatient to be enjoyed again!

That wall looks bare and stripped
Without your pictures to flaunt.
And in my heart your memories await,
bundled and scared, I promise they will be the last things to go!
The house is asleep as the night grows old
And my cheeks are still wet from those tears,
the tears that I’ll have promised to disown
as the new dawn dares to tread the skies!


10 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Oh Remya, that was heavy. I was sad the first time I read it. Now through the fourth time, it seems like the poem is not about sadness at all.. it’s about transition.. new beginnings.. dawn. Good job. 🙂

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