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A Birthday Wish

10670281_711490468931031_7761250199286355240_nToday is her sister’s birthday.

I guess I have never wrote about her here, except for some passing references. It is because there is so much to tell about her that I get confused on what to write!

I was 5 when I became a big sister. I remember wanting a brother, not a sister.It was because there was this little boy staying near my house and I was very attached to him. I wanted a little brother just like him. But God sent her instead,my baby sister, one of the best ones he had!

I have always claimed that I chose her name. (I don’t know how true it is. I had given her the name of my favorite doll and I am not very sure who had helped me choose a name for my doll in the first place.) With both my parents working, I had happily taken over the baby sitting of my sister. Quite a bully of an elder sister I was, she would vouch for that. At times she was my punching bag, at times she was my teddy to cuddle with. But in spite of the age gap, she was always my partner in crime. Or not, partner would be too strong of a word, assistant would be a more appropriate term :D.

Though we used to have the wildest fights and she was the sole reason behind most of the spanking I have got, I owe my childhood to her. When we were kids, I used to be the bad apple. She was considered the gentler one of the two of us (though both my parents would roll on the floor laughing if somebody calls her gentle). But she grew up into a hell of a rebel 🙂 and I am proud of her for that!

When I was in college and she in high school, we used to look so much alike. More than once her ex-classmates have come and talked to me thinking I was her. The same has happened to her. People have mistaken us for twins.  We were the same dress and shoe size then and every time I used to come home for vacation, I used to nick one of her best salwars, leaving her sulking.

Like most of the younger sisters, I think she looks up to me. There was this comparison right from the infant hood on who crawled first, who was better at studies etc. I can say without doubt that she is a much better person than I am.She is much stronger and wiser. So far life was more easy on me than on her. But she is a fighter and has always amazed me with the courage she display at every juncture of her life.

Both of us share a common trait- laziness. But she excels at being lazy :), I can say with certainity. She is so much fun to be with!

I haven’t seen her in two years, though I don’t feel so as I talk to her from time to time. At the same time I can hardly wait to be with her and go on one of our window shopping trips !

Wishing my little sister a very happy birthday 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish

  1. Awww! Remya loved this post. I am sure your sister would move to tears reading this one. Let me tell you a little secret every time I hear kannam thumbi poramo, I cry. It has become our song now( my sister’s and mine), I miss her so much so much seriously when I was coming here it was she who cried the most. Okay you must be thinking we are emotionally explosive. Not really we used to fight so much you know and she was always will be more mature than me, the gentler one, the better one. I guess it’s because they have such lovely elder sisters 😉 . You know I used to nick her dresses too so much so that she used to lock her cupboard and hid the key always! That happens even now.. I find so much pleasure in that..he he. Btw thank you so much for taking me back to those good old days!

  2. I read somewhere “sisters are a promise from God that you’ll neither miss a friend nor an enemy!” I am the elder one too! And I can vouch for every word you say because me and my sister also share the same kind of relationship!! Cheers to her on her birthday!!! 😀

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