It sure had been a while
 Since I had seen you give me a smile
 Why did I think I understood
 That you needed space and that you would be good?
When you looked away as your eyes met mine
 Why did I think everything was fine?
 Walking away was my crime
 And now I wish I could go back in time!
Why did I just let you pass by
 without even wondering why
 those eyes of yours looked vacant and sad
 as if they would never again be glad!
I wish I had paused to talk
 And held your hands on a long walk,
 told you what you meant to me
 instead of just letting things be!
But you knew I was always there
 That you had all my love and care
 You at least could have given me a shout
 Or did you think I too would walk out?
I know life is a hard game
 And most things never remain the same
 With all my heart I wish I knew
 What terrible things had changed you!
If only I had one more chance
 to wake you up from that trance
 If only I had at least tried,
 I might have still had you by my side!

3 thoughts on “Lost

  1. A fine poem indeed… I wish I was still in my poetry writing mood… I could gather more honey I guess… Anyway preggy articles rock till Suzan returns… “Or did you think I too would walk out?”- this question will definitely bring “yes” 😛

  2. It is a beautiful poem. Similar feelings I found in the following lines. I used to chant it long back. It is the unbound feelings.
    പാഴില്‍ മുഖത്തിരിച്ചെന്‍
    നേര്‍ക്ക് അരക്ഷണം
    ചായുന്ന കണ്ണുമായ്
    പകല്‍ പോകവേ ഹൃത്തിലൊരെകാകി
    മാഴ്കുന്നു ജീവനെ,
    അത്രമേല്‍ സ്നേഹിച്ചിരുന്നുവോ
    നീന്നെ ഞാന്‍.
    Turning the face in vain towards me,
    when the day is leaving, with a half closed eye,
    A lonely man cries in my heart,
    Did I love you that much…..

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