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“Meera and Me”

My mother used to live in a joint family and I have heard a lot of stories from that time. As kids, our favorite past time was listening to such stories, and though we have not met many of the characters from these stories, they are so familiar to us.I found of my mother’s cousin via FB . We had little or no contact with him and it was quite recently that I stumbled upon his blog. This is a post he had written about my mother’s family, my grandparents get a special mention. I have barely known my grandfather (who passed away when I was 8) and my memories about my grandmother has started fading. I am happy that this post was written and I had a chance to know a little more about them.(Btw.. Meera mentioned in the post title is my sister 🙂 )

Dr Pozhath Narayanan Kutty

“I will call “Kuttymama (Kutty Uncle)”.

Meera wrote in my inbox of facebook messenger. It was the day my article “What is there in a Name?” went on air. I sent a message, “I have referred to ‘Pozhath’ in an article posted on my timeline”, to everyone who is having ‘Pozhath’ in their name or related to that name, in my friends list. Meera was one among them. We exchanged brief introduction about each other. I used to call her mother, ‘Radha Chechhi’ (Sister). So it is apt for her to call me ‘Kuttimama’. It was nice chatting with my niece. One of the statements I made was, “we have a common bloodline, and all it requires is a spark to catch fire”.

I need to take you 46 years back to recollect the bloodline I shared with my niece Meera. I was 7 years old when my parents…

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