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And then there were eight….(Inside Story Part 3)

I , like most of others, had signed up for the Game Of Blogs’ at out of sheer curiosity . On 10th September, I woke up to see an email sitting in my inbox announcing that the Game was on and that there were 9 other fellow bloggers who would form a team with me.

Initial few hours ,after receiving the email, were nothing short of pure chaos.The ten of us randomly mailing each other, trying to keep track of what was said in the previous emails. We had two tasks to address immediately-a team p.o.c and a team name.It was Gitanjali who came up with the idea of a secret Facebook group and and Mr.SamantHa aka Anunoy gave us a name –Wordoholics.  After that we felt a little more organized .We had no second thoughts when we unanimously picked Gitanjali as our p.o.c.

Three of our teammates had to bid early good byes as their engagements had kept them from fulfilling the stringent timelines of Blogadda .We did get a new team member in return, Shruti, one who went on to become one of the most dedicated teammates, which once again proves that everything happens for good :D.

So then we were eight. To know more about my team,hop on to Meet the Bloggers at Gitanjali’s haven. Also check out this super funny post at Parul’s  space.

The next day Team Blogadda dropped the bomb. Our task was to collaboratively write a fiction and trust me it was never an easy job !

We had a lot of road blocks from day one . To begin with were only eight and had to do ten posts a week.

Round one was a big challenge.I will have to borrow Gitanjali’s words to explain our dilemma at that point.

In the first week when we were trying to figure out the story to write and there were so many ideas but thinking of story till the end was such a difficult task at that point. Also time was running out. We had to start publishing the very next day.

Just out of hunch I suggested to develop the five main characters , one each in every post and leave a few loose ends in every post for the first week, giving creative independence to each writer. Those loose ends would be tied in the week two onwards. Let, the story flow and take its own course …

You guys trusted my decision and went ahead with it. That very moment I felt so responsible. I felt like a proud parent when we made to the final round and when we finally completed our story.”….Gitanjali

We wrapped up round one and then came round 2 and 3. More issues started to crop up.The kiddos in our team Bhakti and Depanjan had upcoming exams. And a special mention goes to the Durga Pujo which kept our  bong teammates super busy for almost a week. I remember a point when I almost felt that we were going to give up.

But after the results of round 2 were announced and we found ourselves amongst the top 10 teams shortlisted for round 3, there was no looking back. We felt super happy and vowed that we will complete the challenge, what ever it takes to do that.We supported and motivated each other and guess what, we have together penned down a 30 post fiction and successfully completed the round three of Game Of Blog. Three cheers to us!

I know that our story is not  flawless and it might not even be the best that each of us has ever written till date. But it was definitelya joy ride and a very memorable journey.After all that’s what matters, right?

And this is what my teamies have to tell about the the last three fun filled weeks when we indeed celebrated blogging

“We win or lose, I don’t care. What I gained here is life experience and lots of positive energy.”…Gitanjali

“I salute my 7 teamies who’re pulling this cart of Wordoholics wholeheartedly beyond anybody’s imagination… no blame game… no motive hunting… no kicking on each others’ a$$… you guys are really a bunch of good souls!!! I’m proud to be with you all in this big boss for a month… no exaggeration”…Anunoy

“this was a unique experience. We pulled it off – and was not an easy feat. And it’s every ones proud!! And so glad that I registered for game of blogs!”….Parul

“I found a semi-family here”…Depanjan

” Indeed it was a great journey with everybody, feeling as if some vacuum in life has seeped in, lets keep in touch always.”……Bienu

let us keep this group active even after we are done. And maybe collaborate again to write another brilliant story..“…Bhakti

“I was a new girl in a new place when I registered for the game of blogs , I never knew that my love for writing would give me such wonderful friends who shared the same passion as mine , who made me laugh ( Anunoy , you are Untitled) , who always have a solution ( Remya and Gitanjali, love you guys ) , who reminded me of my little sister and brother (Depanjan and Bhakti, you guys are so cute) , who brought back all my filmy memories ( Bienu Ma’am ) and last but not the least a friend who is chirpy , fun to be with and such a sport ( Parul , love your spirit ) ! Love you all and will definitely miss our ‘ nights of white satin ‘ “…..Shruti

As for me, I can’t tell how glad I am that I signed up for this initiative. It was an adorable chaos. All my team mates are excellent bloggers, but I would also like to emphasize that they are so much fun to be with. I will definitely miss all those brainstorming sessions and the fun we had pulling each others legs :)…

To us the end of Game of Blogs doesn’t mean  a teary farewell , but a promise of lasting friendship.



7 thoughts on “And then there were eight….(Inside Story Part 3)

  1. What a dhamakedaar post this was!!!… you know I commented thrice the day you posted… unfortunately some technical glitch didn’t let me post any of them… today I think it would be posted… sadly my tears you can’t see now… got dried in two days :-/
    and Remya you earned my respect girl for all those hours you spent in torturing your brain for the knotted plot… really really mean it… no joke here :/

  2. Wow! I am now teary eyed! Super awesome post Remya and love you for putting almost all our feelings on this one post..You’re right – the GoB has come to end but the experience, the memories, the wonderful times shared and this friendship with all of you will remain – not just in our hearts but in our minds, 🙂

  3. And you totally surprised us, Remya, with this post. And yes, weren’t there so many discussions on which medium to choose for brainstorming – whatsapp. Email or Fb, then Shruti not having an Fb account and she even declined to join the group for she wasn’t comfy with Fb but somehow I managed to convince her. Ah! Such lessons in diplomacy I learnt in this journey 😛

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