Trust and Deception

Chapter 22

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Jennifer’s place was ruffled and unconventional; just like her, Cyrus thought as he glanced around the tiny hall. He particularly liked her choice of furniture. They were cozy and welcoming, perfect for a couch potato like him.

Jennifer came back from the kitchen with two cans of cold coke  and looked inquisitively at Cyrus. “Nothing yet”, he shrugged. Tina, sprawled in front of the laptop,  was trying to locate the faces in the pictures for quite some time now. “Tina, done?” Cyrus asked impatiently. “Almost..” Tina replied, her eyes still glued on to the screen. “What are you trying to do?”, Jennifer peered at the screen curiously.

” Nothing much, just running a face recognition search”

“Oh..I never knew there was a software to do that, did you Cyrus?”

Cyrus smiled and shook his head. He asked Tina. “Any hits yet?”

Tina turned towards them and explained.”Let me be very clear about one thing.This  software that I have used not very accurate. Government agencies have their own databases to run this search on. Our scope is much limited. However, if the person is famous enough or has a photo shared publicly from a social networking site, then we might stand a chance.It all depends on how clear both the images are and how much does the facial expressions in either of them match”


“We have one match so far.”

“That’s ..that’s amazing”, Jennifer’s faced flushed with excitement.”Finally, finally we have found something”

“Jenny, don’t start feeling hopeful yet’, Tina added cautiously.” First of all, as I said before,  we cannot trust these search apps. Secondly, we don’t know if this person was actually involved.By all means he could just be an innocent passerby”

“I understand that…but still, its something we can investigate upon..”, Jennifer replied.Nothing could dampen her spirit today.

“So who is this guy?” , Cyrus asked impatiently.

“Aryan Ahuja, a powerful business magnet”, Tina added solemnly.

“I have heard about him…isn’t he the guy who owns shares in many of the big media firms..rumors have that he is a very influential person”, Jennifer chirped.

“Yes Jenny. That would be him. But so far he has a clean track record- an ethical business man”, Tina added.

Cyrus chewed his lips thoughtfully. “We need to get as much background information on this man as possible. But we have to be careful. If he is our man, then we should never give a slip that we have found anything about him. Jennifer, can you call some of your very trusted colleagues and inquire. And Tina can you see if you can find anything online.”.

Both the women nodded.

“And I will send a few mails to my connections. Let us see if we can get our hands on something “.

Jennifer grabbed her phone and rushed to the balcony. Her heart was beating vividly in her chest. She felt hopeful and scared at the same time. What if this search of hers took her to the grave of Darius, what if she was too late? Jennifer waited restlessly for the person at the other end to pick up the call.


Tara heard the phone ring.She sat crouching in the corner of the bedroom,her head rested on her knees. Even though she longed to crawl back to her bed and curl up into a fetal position, she was scared to move. She felt that her head would burst into a thousand pieces if she even tried.

When the phone rang the second time, she reluctantly got up and reached for it. It could be somebody at work, she thought .The caller id flashed Jennifer’s name and Tara felt a sudden jolt in the pit of her stomach.

“Jenny?”, Tara’s voice has a quiver in it.

Jennifer suddenly felt concerned.”Yes Tara, everything alright?”

“Sure, everything’s fine. I just had a mild headache, was sleeping.Is it anything important ?”,

“Sorry to wake you up Tara. But something very important. I need an information and I need it asap. I think you are the only person who can help me with this”

“What it is?”, Tara asked impatiently.

“Do you know Aryan Ahuja?”

Tara paused . Her world just froze for a moment. This was the name she was trying to hide all these years. She noticed that her hands were trembling. A trickle of sweat ran down her neck. She stammered as she replied.

“Ar..Aryan…? I cannot recall anyone of that name.I..I  know nothing about him. See Jenny, Can we talk tomorrow ? I am exhausted now”, Tara did not wait for Jennifer to reply before she cut the call.

Jennifer felt confused, very confused.


Sitting in the comfort of his richly furnished study room, Aryan listened to this interesting conversation. Wow, these kids were fast. So they have his name now. Aryan smiled.

But not as smart as him, he chuckled to himself. Both Cyrus’s and Jennifer’s phones have been tapped since a few days. Cyrus was the first person to have been placed under watch. From the very day after he published that fateful post in his blog he was under the watchful eyes of the mighty Alpha.

Cyrus blog post on INSIGNIA had been a big blow to him, Aryan thought. He knew that the faith of his clients and employees in him as Alpha had shaken a tad bit after that incident. Even he himself was surprised about the details that lad outlined in his post. Their code name was explicitly mentioned. Tie up with a powerful national party, led by a powerful man fondly called Alpha,  the force behind the recent cyber crimes..a lot of phrases in that post had left him baffled.How could this wannabe writer know such details.But Aryan was not worried.He still he had the time to do the damage control. But he had to be quick .Election was barely a month away.

Jennifer came into the picture much later. Cyrus had called her from his phone three days later. Aryan was taken aback when he learnt that Jennifer was Darius’s wife and that she already had figured out that INSIGNIA was behind his absconding. Strange, Aryan thought. How would a random woman find about them? How would she know that Cyrus was the person who could help her? Aryan knew that this was not a coincidence. These two disjoint chains were not linked by random turn of events.

Aryan had always thought that Leaderji was being paranoid because of the approaching elections . But looks like he had a point, his doubts were not baseless. There was indeed someone who knew about INSIGNIA and their association with Leaderji. But how did this person evade the invisible eyes of INSIGNIA?

He had to find that last piece of the puzzle- the anonymous person who was been buckling down all these years to expose the whole empire he had built. Aryan was so sure that Darius was alone in his mission. But he realized that he was wrong.  For the first time in his life, he had overlooked the possibility that someone within his system could have been betraying him all these years. He had to catch hold of that pest and then he would graciously put an end to this play. Cyrus, Jennifer- they would be taken care after that.

His mission should go on, Code red was nothing less than a streak of genius. His biggest and final project, the one that would make him invincible. He would not let anyone tamper with his success.

Aryan fondly recalled the piece of conversation he had just overheard. For a minute he had felt nervous. Tara knew a little too much about him than what she ought to have known. If she had chosen to blabber, he would have been forced to silence her. But then he would have suffered for the rest of his life.

But Tara pleasantly surprised him,yet again. She has always been an enigma to him. But today when she chose to cover up for him, she just revealed that she still loved him.

Aryan knew that he had to be more careful going forward, he couldn’t afford any more mistakes. The game has already began- the hunting game!

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