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Tales of a reluctant reader

Two weeks back I was pleasantly surprised when my husband proudly announced that he had joined the Book Club in his office.

Mind you, he is a person who reads nothing other than his requirement specs (and technical books every once in a while) .

I had a big”cultural shock” when I discovered that the guy I married is a book hater. If I am reading a book and he is around, I am extra careful to not leave the book alone lest he hide it.Seriously!He does have that irritating habit of hiding the books I am reading. He advocates that reading books is a waste of time when there are movies to watch and video games to play.
Yeah…so I was blown away when he informed me that he has joined this book club ( I am sure he did it either to impress his boss or was forced to join).Two -three days later he came to me and asked if I could get him a copy of a book on self-directed work teams .Though a non fiction, it was a fair start.I felt hopeful and started dreaming of the days when we would read a book(fiction of course) together and discuss it over our dinner. I got on my feet and tracked the book at the local library the very next day.

Well, he did not seem very enthusiastic as he glanced at the big fat book.”Wow..this is huge”, he mumbled as he stuffed it into his bag.

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up after dinner I saw him sit on the couch with a drawn face. When I asked him what the matter was, he pulled out the book and told me that at the book club meeting this Thursday they were going to discuss chapters one to six, and he was still at page two.

Then he took out the book and opened it. As he started reading it ,there started a series of yawns and sighs.
After a while he looked up from his book and asked me if I could just read it for him.He would rather listen.

I agreed and started reading out loud from the book. To be fair to him, the book was not the most interesting thing around. Barely two minutes into it, he asked me stop and complained that I was taking way too much time. “Why don’t you read a page real fast and tell me the synopsis?” . I blinked a few times and then burst out laughing. I mean, this was too much.We did that back in schools and colleges when there was an exam to write, but why volunteer to read when you don’t want to? 😛

Obviously, my Mister was offended and he said that he would take over from there and once again dived back into the words. After every paragraph, he would count the pages left till the end of the chapter and make pitiful sounds.After sometime, he started making rather impolite references to the author. This was followed by his desperate attempts at making fun of every other sentence he read.

Finally he managed to finish first four chapters yesterday( yeah..he did skip quite a few pages), and looked ecstatic at his achievement.

Any hope that I had about my better half turning in to a book lover died right there.”Can you see if there is an audio version of it?”, he asked as he happily closed the book.

As we retired for the night, he said “May be you should read that book.You might get a topic for your next blog post”

I just smiled and thought, ‘I have already got a topic, Thanks to you’.

PS: He doesn’t read my blog, so I am safe 🙂


8 thoughts on “Tales of a reluctant reader

  1. hahahaha……what a fun post and please do make him read your blog. It will be a good start for him. BTW its must be so annoying for you when he hides your books, na? :/ These days for people like him there are audio books and I am sure he can then enjoy a book for a change 😛

  2. We have an eduction system which believes that everyone understands in the same way. Students are made to sit and understand what they teach. They conduct exams and students score distinction as you said about your engineering degree. I have been a teacher for many years and understood that students have different ways to learn. Your husband looks like a listener. Some learn by writing.
    Readers are only one category.

  3. haha! 😀 I was laughing all the way reading this. Thanks for sharing. Please ask him to read your blog, there’s a high chance he will turn into an avid reader right away 😉 (at least I hope he reads this one 😛 )

  4. Hilarious! I was giggling while reading this post.
    I have a similar tale and I pretty much relate to this one. VT doesn’t read books unless it’s a text book. Over and above he tells me why don’t you download and get a print out. Why waste money buying it?
    When we started seeing each other, I never noticed this feature but once we got under one roof, it became very evident. I gifted him 2 books in the initial years of our married life which I have read – but he hasn’t! Yes, it’s total culture shock!!

    Great post Remya!!

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