There is more to see

Chapter 18

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Jennifer sat across Cyrus in one of the many small fast food joints in Andheri, digging deeper in to her pasta. Cyrus was still on phone.As he caught her eyes, he mouthed a sorry and she just shrugged, smiling.
The rendezvous with Tara did not go as smoothly as she had expected. Tara had been very skeptical about the whole thing.

“Well, Jenny. If you ask me, this doesn’t sound like much of a plan. It is not wise to get involved in anything unless we have some solid pieces of evidence. And what do you have, a rail ticket and few very abstract speculations? You guys have no idea about who these people are, what their motives are….it doesn’t work that way”.

Jennifer didn’t try to argue. Tara was right, they almost knew nothing. But she had expected Tara to understand, to trust her instincts!

“But Tara, we at least have a lead now. We know that Darius was somehow linked to Insignia…if we could try to dig up his past…” Cyrus argued.

“That is the point…” Tara exclaimed, “Don’t you see. We know next to nothing about Darius. Jenny has been trying all these years to find something about him, and she is still at exactly the same place where she was five years before. Absolutely clueless…”

After a moment’s silence she added “…And where do you get your information from Cyrus? Are your sources reliable?”

Cyrus cleared his throat and muttered “I am sorry Tara, but I cannot reveal anything about my sources”

Tara looked at Jenny and shrugged. “See…we are back at square one…Obviously he doesn’t trust me, then why should I blindly believe him?”

Cyrus opened his mouth as if to say something, but seemed to decide against it at the last moment.

“With whatever information you claim you have, we can do nothing” Tara continued. She leaned forward and touched Jennifer’s hand.

“I do want to help you Jenny! I know you want to find about Darius, but this is insane. Totally pointless”

Jenny nodded her head and reassured Tara that she understood. But she had felt disappointed, as if she had lost the last ray of hope.

“Jenny…lost somewhere, huh?” Cyrus’s playful nudge woke her from the trance of her thoughts.

She smiled at him and said, “Finally, you have decided that I am worth your attention?”

Cyrus smiled back. “I am sorry Jenny, that was my bestest friend, and you know how it is with best buddies right! Tina thinks it’s my duty to be at her service twenty four seven…”

Jennifer leaned forward and raised her eyebrows “Tina huh? Do I smell a romance Cyrus…is this influential blogger and aspiring lawyer in love …?”

“Oh Jenny, how old do you think you are, 13? Grow up”, he laughed. “It’s almost time that you stopped watching those stupid chick flicks. Tina and I practically grew up together. We are very close friends, that’s it”

“Hmm…I am not convinced” Jennifer added playfully.

Cyrus smiled again “Our families are also very close. Tina’s Dad is the financial partner in our family business. She is based in Jaipur, but is in Mumbai for a week.’

“Family business?” Jennifer wrinkled her forehead.

“Yeah…my family owns the most authentic beverage company in India. Haven’t you heard about the famous -DW Soda brand? ”

“DW ..?Err…maybe not. What’s this DW…well let me guess Dazzling Warrior …or Delhi…ummm… Wildcat?” Jennifer joked.

“More like Daru wala soda”, added Cyrus with a straight face and Jennifer burst out laughing.

“Classic name, very authentic indeed”, Jennifer gave him a thumb up.

Cyrus laughed again. “I told you…”

His phone rang again , and he excused himself to attend the call. Jennifer was still smiling as she sipped her coke. Hanging out with Cyrus has been fun. When she had read his blog, she had expected a much older, more serious kind of person.

“Jenny, do you mind if Tina gatecrashed our dinner?” Cyrus asked.

Jennifer shrugged “well…more the merrier…”

Cyrus winked and went back into his conversation. After a minute, he put his cellphone back in his pocket and said “Tina will be here in a few minutes, her office is just two blocks away”

Jennifer nodded.

“Do you think we should try to convince Tara?” she asked Cyrus. He continued stirring his soup thoughtfully and inquired,” How long have you known Tara?”

“Since six months. Did I not tell you already, she is my boss!”.

“And… where is she from?”

Jennifer looked at Cyrus questioningly. “Not sure..Kolkatta I guess…? Why…?”.

“Nothing… just that she looked very familiar”, Cyrus avoided looking at Jennifer. He didn’t feel comfortable discussing his weird dream with her.

“I don’t blame her, she was just being professional”, he added after a minute. “Until we get a solid lead, nobody is going to even listen to us”

Jennifer knew that he was right. They needed a clue,a missing link.

“So, you met Darius in Srinagar?”

“Yes, for a photography camp.” Jennifer nodded.

“Interesting…” Cyrus muttered.

She looked at him expectantly and he added “I mean, there are speculations that Insignia have strong base in that area. May be Darius saw something or got involved…”

She suddenly exclaimed. “Yes…the photographs..”

“What photographs…?”, he looked quite puzzled.

“The photos from Darius’s camera. There were a whole bunch of them.”

“Anything unusual?”

“Well, not exactly! Most of them are just the usual shots. But there were a few shots that seemed little weird. The shots are of poor quality,-bad lighting, little blurred in contrast to the other brilliant pictures that Darius had clicked”

“Do you have them now? Can I take a look?” Cyrus looked all perked up.

“It’s in my laptop, at home.” Jennifer had started feeling a little hopeful. What if there was something in those photos which could give them a lead?

‘May be we should start moving then. Let me call up Tina, we can pick her up on the way” Cyrus pushed away his half-finished soup and rose from his seat.


Two rows of seats behind them, the man in blue jeans and black tee took out his phone and texted “TARGETS ON THE MOVE”!

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  1. There’s so much genuineness in the way jenny and cyrus interacts… Only a bro sis can tackle that… Do i have to repeat that Remya rocks?

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