The birds who lost their Sky

Chapter 12

Team Wordoholics


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Shekhar took a deep puff from his cigarette. This stuff was good, he thought. It helped him relax. Though he had to pay a fortune ,it was totally worth.

Money is becoming huge issue nowadays, Shekhar reminded himself. He had to get a grip on the situation.Three of his assignments were pending. His publisher was not very happy with his manuscript. He gritted his teeth as he recalled the conversation he had with his publisher few hours ago. What did that b****tard know about writing ? How dare he even think he could comment on Shekhar Dutta’s work ? All he knows is numbers-copies sold per week, tasteless a**hole!

Today, yet again, he failed to write even a single line. After trying had to concentrate for a while,he had tossed his laptop aside and was now standing in the balcony puffing on some really strong stuff.He needed a break. He had to be in control.

He wondered what time it was. He had begun to hate the nights. They always seemed to crawl ,especially when he was trapped inside this concrete cage.He used to be a free bird, he had owned the sky. But his life has hence shrunk to this 2000 square feet flat. For all those complaining that his words lacked it’s original charm., they should know that caged birds don’t sing. Those prisoners only croak!

Tara must be asleep in the bedroom. She never seemed to be bothered by his behavior as of late. Well, why would she care when she had enough things to keep her mind and body occupied? Marrying her was a mistake, he knew it then and he knows it now. He should have refused when Maa had insisted. But he was confused, the naive Shekhar who had once existed thought he was in love.

He took out his cellphone and punched in a message.” Are you up?” .He pressed send and waited. After a minute his phone beeped and he laughed out loud.”Huh, the bitch was not asleep.She was waiting for a hearty chat” He opened the new message it read “I am very disturbed Cyrus, can we talk later?” .

“Disturbed, really?” Shekhar muttered under his breath. Tara had always loved her share of drama in life.But he knew better than to be concerned.She was just dangling a bait waiting for Cyrus to be all over her ,empathizing and inquiring about what dared to disturb the serenity of her mind. Shekhar threw away his cigarette and walked back into his room.

He opened his laptop and logged into his email.He clicked on the folder named important and looked at the single email in it. The subject read- ‘For your immediate attention’. In the last three months, he had read the email at least a thousand times. He knew it’s contents by  heart. But every time he read it, the his heart starts to beat wildly. His pulse races and he experiences the same sick feeling of uncontrollable excitement.Beads of perspiration gleamed on his bald head as he tore his eyes off the laptop screen.

He sank bank into the bed and waited for the surge to die away. He had to focus, he cannot let his weakness get the best of him.


Tara buried her head in the pillows and listened to the rhythm of Roohie’s breath. What was wrong, she wondered? She knew that Shekhar was awake. She had always given him his space. Every single day in the past few months,she had stopped herself from knocking the doors of his room and flinging on him demanding the answer. What was wrong?

Was it because she was spending too much time in office? But her job demanded that. She had to, Shekhar knew the nature of her job even before they got married. May be she should not have listened to his mother and agreed to have that hasty ‘surprise’ marriage. But she was in love, may be she never expressed it enough, but she was blindly in love.And she thought he loved her too.

Shekhar was hiding something.She was sure of that. In spite of his casual behavior and happy face, she could sense something wrong. He never slept in the same room anymore, always citing work as an excuse.Should she confront him? She had heard about his frequent visits to the bar. People talk, especially when you are a known face.When someone asked her she just dismissed it off and told them that Shekhar was perfectly fine.But she was aware that he was drinking , a lot more that he was ought to, when the doctor had advised him not to.
Damn it, why can’t she just go and ask Shekhar? What a coward I am, Tara thought as she turned to hug Roohie as tight as possible. She wished she knew the answers, she wished she could change things.

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