As life would have it


Team Wordoholics- Chapter 1

The monsoons in Kerala. That was what Jennifer had missed the most in the past five years. She sat back on the easy chair breathing in the scent of the damp soil.Watching the inky sky on the backdrop of the great lake of Kochi brought back memories, both sweet and sour. The splutter- splatter of rain drops on the asbestos sheets reminded her of those evenings which she spent sitting on the very same spot watching the rain.

When she arrived back a week earlier, the changes that had dawned on this little town of hers had surprised her.But today, when she watched the rain dance over the horizon, she realized that a part of it has remained the same and would remain the same for ever….just like her! Somewhere beneath the new person she had transformed into the bits and pieces of the old Jenny remained.Not that she was as frail , oh no..she had managed to change. She was much stronger and more independent! Nothing effected her the way it used to, harsh comments no longer made her cry, the darkness of the twilight didn’t scare her anymore,scrutinizing glares didn’t cause her to cringe. But she knew too well that it was only because she had nothing left to lose!

The wind blew stronger as if sensing her mood change.All those people going gaga over Mumbai monsoons must never have seen it rain in Kerala.Not that she did not enjoy the rains in Mumbai.But the monsoons in Kerala was something exquisite.Here the nature resonates with ones thoughts.The whole world just dances to the music of your emotions.Just you and the rain remain, everything else moves to the back drop. This must be the place where the rain belongs to, where it feels the most comfortable.The monsoon is always in its peak of glory here!

Jenny craved for a cup of hot black coffee,but fought back the impulse to rush down to comfort of the good old kitchen. She was not welcome in this home any more.Had her grandfather not left her name in his will, would they had even allowed her to stay under the same roof? But no matter how much her extended family hated the idea of seeing her, they had to suck it up. All of this belonged to her, the house, the shops, everything.

Her grandfather had never ceased to surprise her. Five years ago when she was so desperate for his support and approval, he had closed his heart and the doors of his house on her face.And now, when she had least expected, he had left all his properties in her name. When she first got the call of his lawyer requesting her to come see her dying Grandfather she had asked him to f**k off! The wound within her was still raw and five years was not enough time to heal them. But then she changed her mind.Though he had betrayed her trust when she most needed him, her Grandfather was the one who brought her up.Had  she not given him a chance to apologize, the guilt would have nagged her all her life. After all her grandfather was the one of the very few people in the world who had loved and cared for her.Moreover, she needed a break from all the insane struggles and chaos the life in Mumbai had offered. She had to come back,even if it meant facing the ghosts of her past,she had to be back home. After all that agonies and disappointments, she deserved some peace.

What would she have not done to get back her old life.To see her old red scooty in that car porch! And ride on its back in the rain through those familiar alleys and the warren of streets.She would have clicked the best pictures,scooped every bit of the town with her camera.Did those colorful graffiti still haunt the dark stained walls on the either sides of the narrow streets? Did boys with unkempt hair still run around bare chested? Did they still play football in that muddy ground which looked less like a ground and more like a pond?

And that old coffee shop near the church where she hung out with her friends, was it still open? She had once dreamed of owning it.Her own coffee shop with an art studio, she had wanted to call it The Mirage! Her dreams, her hopes,now it all sounded like something that happened thousands of years ago. Was five years long enough to lose all ties with the past? Was it long enough to freeze the feelings in one’s heart? Was it long enough to turn friends and foes into indifferent onlookers?

As she sat lost in her thoughts, it stopped raining. Sun peered out from behind the clouds.The trance was broken and she yet again found her thoughts wandering to the most unpleasant things. The phone conversation from yesterday night was still haunting her.The more she tried to push it way, the more it pestered her.She wanted to forget about everything, she wanted to get rid of all burdens. And she knew exactly what to do! A minute later she climbed down the spiral stairs from her room and walked towards the lake shore, with the camera, her most faithful companion, dangling down her left shoulder.

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22 thoughts on “As life would have it

  1. Very well described, and I loved the way you described rains in Kerala. you are right, I have travelled quite a bit and I am yet to see a more beautiful rain than the one there. It’s sweet and it’s annoying sometimes 😉 but it’s always beautiful.

    Moving on to the next part of your story 🙂

  2. Although asbestos is carcinogenic, “The splutter- splatter of rain drops on the asbestos sheets” wets our mind, doesn’t it? A proper start from one of the Wordoholics!

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