Life seems to be racing by. Each second gallops away ever before I comprehend it’s loss.Seconds, minutes,hours,days,weeks,months years….I just stand still in a daze watching them slip through my fingers.

The scenes around me change. New faces, new places, new technologies,new gadgets, new kinds of cuisine,new books, new movies..they just zoom past me before I can appreciate them. They confuse me, the freshness they offer makes me breathless.I feel a sharp instinct to run after them, to catch hold of them,explore them and may be even start to like them.But then my chains drags me behind.How can I keep up with them when I carry around this heavy bundle from my past ? I don’t want to break free as I have grown fond of these chains that bind me.So I suppress my instinct and shift back to my trace,reluctant to move away from the comfort of my past.
I cannot make myself move an inch, I just stay rooted to the spot weighing in my options watching years fly.

And the time, it waits for no one.It races past me.I wish I could catch up, knowing very well that I would never dare to!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Remya, only when you’re compelled to sprint and snatched away from opportunities to look back or sideways, you’ll realise how blissful it’s to be a silent stationary spectator :-))

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