There is an old movie song in my native language which goes like this

“Man created religions..
 Religions in turn created Gods
 Man, his religions and those Gods divided the land, divided the hearts…”

I believe that nothing less than a supreme power could have created so much order in this vast chaos called the Universe. Being a person who thinks that there is nothing called too much of coincidences, all these theories that preach life as the end product of some random turn of events doesn’t appeal to me.

I believe in God!

Being that said, religion is evil, nothing less.I don’t need to list a vast variety of reasons to prove my point. Just one simple point is more than enough.It divides!

In today’s world, being religious is synonymous with being brainwashed. When the greed for power and other material things is cleverly disguised as being done for religion, thousands of individuals just jump into so called ‘holy’ battles quite willingly.They are ready to take extreme steps, to sacrifice their lives and to harm their fellow beings, all in the name of a great hypothetical  afterlife.

When it comes to religious riots,even the strongest rulers and powerful bureaucrats take a back seat to become mute witnesses.It is like religion has grown into something huge and dangerous, like a mafia.

Nowadays, religious leaders are more or less preachers of violence. Religious camps have turned into training places for ‘holy militants’. Priests and other religious heads have taken up responsibility of sanctifying and justifying the evil done in the name of religion.

And in our country,the ‘sovereign secular democratic republic of India’, everything in an individual’s life is tied to the religion he /she is born into. Starting from the name he/she is given, his/her whole identity is always forcefully linked to the religion he belongs to.Education, job,love,marriage -all of these important things revolves around something that we did not choose for ourselves,but was imposed on us.

How can something that has been the cause of the biggest wars and genocides the world has ever seen be something good?How can something that cash in the concept of God help in spiritual upliftment?

So yes, back to our question of the day-is religion overrated…hell yes, it is…!!

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6 thoughts on “Religion………

  1. Religion in essence can never cause strife. How can a way of life, belief cause strife? What causes strife and wars is Human Greed wearing the mask of Religion. What is needed to defeat is using your common sense, tolerance and just being human. Shunning religion altogether is not possible as we are always bound by the religion of humanity. Be spiritual, be human, do not believe in Religion or believe in Religion but do not be a religious or non religious Fanatic.

    1. religion might have started out as a school of belief, it’s initial goal could have been to put some spiritual findings together to guide the individuals….but what has it ended up being..being spiritual and being religious is no longer synonymous….for most of us,religion is just something that is imposed on us, stopping us from exploring spirituality altogether.For the rest of us, it is an obsession which clouds our vision….if two very similar people living in very similar circumstances, may be even in houses on the either sides of the same wall, if a religious belief divide them to belong to two different flocks, bringing in an uneasiness amongst them, then isn’t it a burden?

  2. The old movie song that you have quoted reminded me of my favorite Hindi Movie Songs!

    Refugee movie’s song- ‘Panchi, Nadiya, Pawan ke jhonke, koi sarhad na inhe roke…
    Sarhad insaano ke liye hai, Socho tumne aur maine kya paaya insaan hoke?’

    Just like borders are created by man & divide, sad that religions also divide & people don’t understand that they teach the same…

  3. After reading just the beginning lines where you have translated a song, I knew I will definitely be agreeing with your views. Good and appropriate points! Agreed with your post and seriously love those three lines.

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