“When did you know you were lost?” he asked.
“Lost?? I have come to the right place, I trust myself” She hissed .The hint of crimson in her green eyes amused him. “I have to be more careful around her”, he thought.

“I meant to ask when did you realize that you had strayed away from the path that Cadmus had asked you to follow”

She stared at him.He held her icy gaze ,trying hard to not let her eyes stray into his thoughts. He easily won people’s trust, but she had proved to be far more difficult than he had initially comprehended.

“Seven days into my journey..” her voice was hoarse ” It was getting colder by day.I knew I was not heading to the desert of Fotia”

“Is that where Cadmus asked you to look for Theron?”

She grinned “Who thought Cadmus could be wrong?”

Though he was pleased to know that he had managed to fool Cadmus ,her confidence disturbed him. It was him against Cadmus.He was strong enough to face Cadmus even when he was all alone.But this woman had seen through his deceit.Why were his senses warning him against her?

“Are you telling me that Theron is not in Fotia as Cadmus had assumed?” He asked nervously.

“My intuitions are never wrong. Theron is hiding somewhere in these woods.Would that coward ever summon enough guts to come out..Leader of the rebels, he calls himself and look at him now,hiding like a hyena ”

He bit his tongue.People had accused him of many things, cowardice was never one of them.

She closed her eyes…”I can’t hear his thoughts, which is interesting, I wonder for how long he would hold up against the powers of my inner eyes.”

The uneasiness in his chest lifted.This was good news.He had to now somehow convince her that she was wrong in the first place.

“Do you realize that you think a little too high about yourself? How could you even doubt mighty Cadmus? Have you ever thought of what awaited you once he realizes that one of his slaves had defied his orders?”

Her face hardened.”I am no one’s slave and Cadmus has just proved himself unworthy of my loyalty.”

He laughed ” Are you going to join the conspiracy?”

She did not smile.”Theron himself doesn’t know where he is headed. You would be amazed to know that he has lost even the last of his allies”

“You speak with great certainty” he looked at her with hatred.

She laughed tossing back her blazing red curls.If I tell you how much I know, you would go on your knees to beg for your life, she thought.She raised her eyebrows “You definitely seem to be too curious for an odd passer by!”

He looked away, unable to hold her gaze any more.Her clothes were black, the color symbolizing the lowest rank in Cadmus’s slave army. But she was not what she looked for she spoke not like a slave, and if she was to be believed, her powers were unusually strong.

How did she find out his hiding place? “You summoned the spirits, didn’t you?” he accused,.

There was no guilt in her eyes as she proudly announced.”Of course I did.I summoned Chiron, the wisest of the wise”
His mouth sagged open.She smiled at his perplexity. “Didn’t I tell you I am no ordinary seer?”

She had seen through his trick that had fooled even the Cadmus, Chiron himself had answered her calls.She was a threat indeed.But she had admitted that she could not yet hear his thoughts.He had to act fast and  find a way to deal with this unexpected turn of events.

“Wish you all the luck.Now if you would let me,I have to go my way” He mumbled and walked back into the woods.Her eyes followed him till he disappeared into the thick forest.

She thought about what Chiron had revealed to her.She could yank him back with her powers,but she had to be patient.He needed her more than she needed him. She listened to his thoughts.He would fight hard before surrendering his pride before her.”You have failed, Theron.It is only a matter of time.You will have to come back to accept my supremacy.This battle is no longer yours, it has become my destiny.” She whispered!


9 thoughts on “Conspiracy

  1. This is such an interesting idea, but it feels like you were rushing to post and didn’t have time to go back through it and doublecheck cor consistency and punctuation. I’d love to see you revisit this world and characters in a more leisurely way.

    1. Word Limits never actually works for was 1500 words plus when I finished it, cutting it down to 750 must have done the trick :(….may be I will revisit this story sometime….thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. I like the verbal sparring between the characters, and how we gradually learn the things they are choosing to reveal or not reveal.

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