The Forbidden Path

UntitledIn the kingdom of Horus, during the reign of the formidable emperor Osiris, there lived a wise man named Adeben. Adeben was one of twelve priests of the royal courtroom. He was honest, simple, intelligent, kindhearted,well read,soft spoken and very focused.There were indeed ample reasons for the king to grow fond of him.
Adeben was married to the beautiful lady Eshe, the love of his life. The divinity in their relationship was admired and to some extend envied by the people around. The duo were so much in love and led a life of joy. Eshe and Adeben completed each other, they were the perfect yin and yang.One couldn’t exist without another, they firmly believed.They had vowed to be with each other till the end of eternity.

However,as years passed a dark cloud of grief crept into their sunny life. In spite of being rich and enlightened, the couple remained childless even after 14 years of blissful marriage. Eshe was more than heartbroken and became a duller version of her former self. Adeben couldn’t bear the hues of sorrow in his wife’s eyes.The couple had left no stones unturned to conceive a child of their own, all with no success. There was no medicament they had not tried,no place of worship they had not visited, no wise sage whose advise they had not sought, no religious verse they had not chanted with atmost faith!After losing the last ray of hope, Eshe retreated to the comfort of silence. No matter how many times Adoben reassured her,she remained sad and distant.

A man would go great lengths to see a smile on the face of the love of his life and Adeben was no different. He would do anything to see his Eshe happy once again and he knew that nothing short of a bundle of joy would be able to do that.Since he had tried all the straight routes with no results, he decided to take the forbidden path this time.He shivered when he thought of the possible consequence of his acts, but he knew that if he did not act immediately, he would soon lose his beloved wife forever.The one who would be left behind will no longer be her, it would be a silent, sorrow filled stranger.And he couldn’t think of an existence without her.

Adeben set off to the forest of Kamen, a place forbidden for good hearted souls. Kamen was filled with beings, both human and non human, dwelling in the aisles of evil . Adeben knew very well that he was treading on a sensitive path.If the king was to learn about his misadventure, he was sure to banish him and his family from the kingdom.The people who admired him would pelt stones on him.If anyone learnt about his intentions, he would be killed.Thus he was careful to keep his visit a secret.

The mission of his journey was to meet Azizi, the mysterious being that dwelled the dark places of the forest of Kamen. Nobody knew much about Azizi. Even Adeben’s insights about the invincible Azizi was limited to the odd reference to the mighty name in few of the ancient texts that he had come across.In the ancient text that he possessed there was a vague mention of how and where to find Azizi.

The being was about a thousand years old and was believed to be neither male nor female. Azizi was a strange being,neither human nor angel,rumored to have been created by the right hand of devil and left hand of God.It had the potential of being the darkest evil and the purest saint.The myths, however, accused Azizi for pairing with devil himself and there by the world rendered him as a form to be condemned.Some version of the story had that Azizi was the incarnation of devil himself.

Adeben, being the well read person he was, knew one thing for sure.sure. Azizi was the most powerful thing that had ever walked on the realm of earth.If somebody could give them a child, it was Azizi. But he knew that pleasing Azizi was not something simple. He would have to offer something worthy to get acknowledged.But he was not an ordinary human.He had a legacy of ancient wisdom passed down from his ancestors, hidden as texts with verses as powerful as lightening. Some of them were so old that the language was indecipherable, but Adeben knew that they held a lot of potential.He was the descendant of the holy men themselves, the ones who were trusted by God himself to guard the secrets of humans. It was those ancient verses that he was going to offer Azizi and he hoped that his request would be graciously granted! He conveniently decided to forget about the oath of secrecy that he had taken when he came of age to guard those secret verses till his last breath.

Adeben had told everyone, including his beloved wife, a white lie that he was going away on a pilgrimage to please his ancestors.And thus he started his journey of sin that lasted seven days and seven nights.On the seventh night,Adeben reached the outskirts of the forest.Wary of entering the abode of evil during the dark hours, he decided to spend the night on a tree and to carry on with the search for Azizi at the break of the dawn.He knew that the path to Azizi was going to be difficult. He braced himself for the worst as he slipped down in to deep slumber.

Meanwhile,Eshe was sleeping like a baby in their white soft bed stuffed with feathers.She being the true soul mate of Adeben, had the unique ability of experiencing flashes of   his dreams when his thoughts were vulnerable. That day the saved souls of Adeben’s ancestors summoned all their power to connect to Eshe’s mind for Adeben’s mind was closed and distant because of the decision he had taken.When Eshe strayed into the vague world of Adebens dreams, she was shocked.She found out what her husband was up to and couldn’t believe he would go this far to make her happy. Her heart shrunk in pain as she thought of the torment her beloved had to go through because of her. She gasped at the crimson hues of Adeben’s dreams and shuddered at his fear. She cringed in shame as she fathomed what her husband intended to do. She cried thinking about his selfishness. Her mind was filled with horror as she thought of the consequences.She had to stop him from doing the forbidden. What he was going to do for her happiness would cause grave destruction.The world would never forgive Adeben. The great man once renowned for his wisdom will be known as the one who caused the greatest misery human kind has ever known. Eshe wouldn’t let that happen. She had to stop him.

But how was that possible, he was far far away. She could in no way reach him before dawn. Eshe felt as helpless as a fish outside water. She paced up and down in her room, her eyes red from crying, her breath quivering.When she could think of nothing, she decided to do the ultimate act.Her soul was strong enough to shoulder a sin as grave as this. She knelt before the statue of goddess Isis and offered her soul,not only to save herself from the impending doom but also to spare herself from witnessing  her husband’s fall.

Clueless of what transpired in the darkest hours of previous night, Adeben woke up when the first ray of the sun graced the mountains.He looked at the dark vegetation that lied before him and took a deep breath.He silently climbed down the tree and walked towards the forest.As soon as he tried to set his first foot inside the jungle, he heard a roar.Before him stood a tiger, as big as a full grown bull, looking ferocious and dangerous.It stood crouched, a few feet away from Adoben, its eye gleaming with certainity. Adoben’s heart stopped beating , but he knew he was safe.He would not be harmed, the beast was here just to warn.The glow that came from the animal was more than enough for Adoben to realize that the beast did not belong to earth.He knew that it was a sign, a sign to go back!

Adoben stood rooted to the spot,watching the beast.It never moved, the deep growl that echoed in the forest was the only sign that it was indeed alive.Should he go back? He couldn’t go back,was that not clear enough? He couldn’t watch Eshe rot in writhing pain.He would die, but not go back.He took a step ahead, so did the animal.The gleam in its eyes turned more vicious.He took another step, the animal took two.It gave out a ear splitting roar. Adeben shivered, but he kept walking. Soon he was so close to the beast that he could almost touch it. His eyes locked with the beast’s.There was a moments silence. The tiger now blocked Adeben’s path and looked at him as if challenging him try to cross into the forest. He was not here to go back, he had to seek Azizi. He had to put an end to Eshe’s misery.

That won’t be needed Adeben“, a sweet feminine voice echoed from behind him. He looked back to see a vague feminine form materialize before him. Though he could barely see it, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. “You and Eshe were not destined to have children, that is decided! You are now trying to change the fate using the mos condemned way possible! But be warned, the consequences are going to be heavy.You will not be able to carry its weight

Who are you?” Adeben asked.
Your ancestors sent me here ! They are pleading in teh name of your blood line to go back. You are Adeben first, the descendant of the wise secret keepers.Your family comes only after that. Also Eshe is a woman of integrity, do you think she is going to be pleased with your action? A man as wise as you should not have stooped to this depth of selfishness.

Adeben replied “I know of no wisdom other than my love for Eshe. It is her happiness that I seek.Yes, I would go back if you could give us a child.If not, I very well intend to go in to that forest to find Azizi.

The form laughed “You are a fool to think that you can defy the fate. The evil forces that you intend to summon can give you a child.But it will never be your child.It will be a child of evil.As for Eshe’s happiness, you need not be concerned.To evade your sin, she had offered her soul to me and I have embraced her sweet self into mine. She is as euphoric as she can ever get,she has become one with me.You have to go back

Adeben roared like a wounded elephant. How could he not feel the demise of his soul mate?It could not be true.The being before him was lying.In was blinded by rage and pain.

You are lying. Eshe would never leave me alone.In case you are speaking the truth,where, do you think, would I go back? Why would I want to live in a world without my beloved?

The form looked at him in sympathy.”There are lines that are not to be crossed. There are things that are not to be done. You would lose your soul with the deed that you were going to do.Every action comes with a consequence.And your punishment for daring to try to do the forbidden would be to live your lives without Eshe.You have lost her for ever, but be relieved that her soul bears no stains,now don’t do the unthinkablae.I just came to warn you that whatever you were going to do would never benefit Eshe. Her soul would never have the shadow of this grave evil on it. She has been saved, so would you be.Only if you go back

With this the foggy form disappeared, so did the tiger that blocked his path.Each individual had the right to make his/her decision. Everyone has to choose their own path.Warnings will be passed down, intuitions will be tossed in, but nothing more!

Adeben hesitated for a moment, looked back to the path leading away from the forest. He took a deep breath.He knew that his promise to his ancestors still weighed down on him. He  could walk away and pretend Eshe never existed. His inside still burned at the thought of Eshe’s betrayal.How could she think that he would survive without her? How could she take the first path she came across to escape him and his deeds, never even pausing to think that he did all these for her, to bring back the old luster to her eyes.

The pain within him transformed into a huge wave of hatred.He had to get back to each and every soul that conspired against him.He gave a deafening roar and then we walked straight into the labyrinth of tall dark trees.He had to find Azizi, he had nothing worthy to lose.On the other hand what if Azizi could bring his Eshe back?

A evil laughter echoed somewhere inside the forest, the long wait was over. It was finally time to rule the world!



4 thoughts on “The Forbidden Path

  1. Very well written story, although my only complaint was that it was probably a little too long for one post and you could probably have split it into two posts at least.

    Loved the theme you chose, love and betrayal, to be portrayed as the central motivations for the story itself. And the narrative and descriptions also are really nice as well.

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