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I have always loved writing-be it rants or poems or stories.How good am I at ?It is a different question altogether!

After a few failed attempts to start a blog, last year, I finally built a place of my own in the vast world of the web.I started putting up my thoughts,my poems and stories and I waited eagerly for someone to drop by and tell me what they thought about my attempts.I waited for feedback, I waited for a few good words.

But nothing happened, my posts piled up. And no one seemed to be reading them, except for me. Then,I did not know about blogging communities, writing prompts and things like that.I hated to force my crude writings on my unsuspecting Facebook friends.I was too self conscious to leave comments on others writings (I still am, I don’t comment until I like the post so much that I absolutely cannot leave without commenting). So I kept waiting for a miraculous visitor to come by and reassure me.Somebody who would tell me that I was not that bad and would ask me to keep writing.

As days passed, my longings increased, my confidence diminished.I lost the initial zeal to write.And then one day I found it. It was hiding in the folder that I had always neglected.A comment, finally!

A person had commented on my post.He had graciously revealed that my post was the best thing that he had come across.He said it was well structured,engaging ,very knowledgeable and that he gained a lot of insights from it.He kept on thanking me again and again. He told me that he loved the lay out of my blog and even asked me for tips.Though I was overwhelmed by the flattery ,it left me a little confused because the post in question was just a poem and I was not very sure how it ended up being knowledgeable!Then I found it,in the end of the flattering comment there was link to some NFL T shirts and I realized with a pang that it was just a junk mail.Well, what else did I expect to find in the Spam folder?

Though it was a spam and the comment was most probably an auto generated one, I kept it for a long long time. I know it is funny when you think about it.I know not a single word in it was true(of course, except for the ad link in the end).But it somehow helped me.I just pretended that it was a real person who had given his real opinion and that my writings indeed was ‘well structured,engaging ,very knowledgeable ‘

After that I kept visiting at the Spam folder to browse through the comments I get.I continued keeping them until the word press automatically deleted them after a couple of days.More good words followed, in fact the kindest words that I have ever heard.Inspiring words, flattery.Yeah, it was true that every one of them ended with an an offer for a sports kit or a T shirt or even Viagra for that matter. I got people asking me if they could share my article on twitter and trust me, I almost wanted to believe that they were genuine, until I clicked on the link and was transported to a very obscene places.

So yes, spammers out there. I know no one cares about your comments.They mercilessly delete the comments you have carefully crafted, without even taking time to read them. But once upon a time, one such comment had motivated a disappointed novice blogger.It is a huge service that you guys are doing.Even though you don’t mean a word in those comments and even though some of those comments are in languages I don’t even understand, I will never complain when you spam my blog( I have turned on the moderation of comments, so don’t you dream of making it to my approved comments list). Though the comments you leave are bizarre and they rarely make any sense, I really enjoy them.This world can be a little lonely at times and conversation with a non existent reader can sometimes do wonders.


22 thoughts on “Spamming

  1. SPAMS – sensible personalized appreciation message system. 🙂

    jokes apart , you have a decent blog. keep blogging with a sense of purpose… your child will be proud of it, someday 🙂

  2. Guess this is a post all of us bloggers relate with. In my case it was the blogging challenges I took up in April this year that got readers to my blog. I would otherwise write but share it with very few people. You do have a way with words. Glad to have discovered your blog 🙂

  3. I smiled and smiled through. I totally get your point of view. I quite did the same. Even now my Facebook friends aren’t aware I write. I cant ask them to check out my posts. I got my first readers via indiblogger..whenever I see new writers who have penned down something beautiful I do drop a comment that’s encouraging. Well that’s my way of payback to the readers I have now 🙂

    1. :)…in my case it was the blogadda..the wow posts are the ones that actually connected me to other bloggers….and i know that you are quite encouraging..I myself have experienced that a lot..Thank you for all your support :)….

  4. Haha,,true I also did the same with the spams in early stages. I approved them just to gain confidence that okay 2 people are reading this blog each day – what if they are bots. :P.Later learned to be engaged with the blogger community & have real people comment on the posts. 🙂

  5. Some of the spam comments are so well composed that they are almost believable!

    I must add here that the Spam Filter is really effective. In the last one year, I’ve had only 1 spam comment not detected by the Spam Filter, and only 1 genuine comment sent to the Spam Folder.

  6. We’ve been in the same boat and I’ve been clueless on how hits work, what’s blogging communities/FB page all bout. The only difference it took you one year but I start getting lotsa comments after six years..unbelievable but true. I still cherish my first blog dosts, there was Asha, Priyanka, Nuttie Natters, Neha lemonade girl..where are they and so hope they are back.
    You are truly talented ‘confused humanity’ and yeah, I accepted spam commented to make the heart happy. Way to go:)
    Happy Blogging:)

    1. :)…..weren’t they like elixir in a blogging world devoid of real visitors….:)….and 6 years of blogging….I must applaud your aptitude in writing..:)…wish u many more creative years ahead

  7. LOL That is amusing! You don’t need spam any more to tell you you’re good! You have real people!

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