To those who believe in God and ….

To those who believe in God

with a force so strong

that you fail to see anything

but your faith

And then let the faith to grow

into the very fold that

blinds you ;forbidding you

from seeing the things

the way you are supposed to see

Making you a little less human!


To those who believe in God

and then will to use

his name to mask

all the sick things you do

You kill, you destroy

You burn lives alive

You divide, You hurt

You force and enslave

And then deceive yourself

by putting them down

as being done for Him,the God!




To those who believe in God

and dare to keep your women

tied ,trapped,conquered

Not letting them live their life

the way they like

And force them to exist

The way that you would please!

Killing their free spirits

Chopping off their wings

And making them wish

that they were never born!



To those who believe in God

and then teach to hate

Not willing to listen

Not waiting to understand

But loathing the ones

Who deny their faith

or knows the God in another name

or is a little queer,little different

Or has dared to question your  rules

May be even break a few.


To those who believe in God

and then race to make the world

your own, doing things inhumane

quoting the sacred name!

Do you have thought or two,

May be an answer to share?

About what you plan to say

to the God to whom you always pray?

On the ways you twisted

the phrases in the books,

the ones you have anointed holy,

in to meanings of your own?

To create your own rules

that inflict wounds grave?


Or on how you never paused

to think before you dared

To hurt, to destroy

to cause immense pain!

On how you fought

with tooth and nail

in a war of purposelessness

that you call not your own

but of the God

against the one’s

who are dear to God!


Did you not know

that truth never stay masked

and sins never forgotten?

or did your faith not warn

that you reap what you sow?



4 thoughts on “To those who believe in God and ….

  1. Yeah..and everytime I hear a disaster…..I realize where this purposeless war is going…
    It is painful but the irony is that despite being the cause of all the problems, religion also is considered as a solution to all the problems, but they never mentioned that its a short term solution…

    Loved the way you described this irony of modern world!!

    1. Thank You..I was reading about how 200 plus girls were kidnapped in Nigeria and threatened to be sold….and the guy who did it claimed to have done it in the name of God….who is he trying to convince?

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