One of my favorite quotes from bible is :

Be Joyful Always;Pray continually;Give Thanks in All circumstances;for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus

Not an easy task,huh?

I am not an expert or anything, but i believe that being Joyful doesn’t actually refers to jumping up and down with merry, it should more or less relate to remaining gracefully calm even when you face the toughest times in your life.

No, I am not making any kind of suggestion that I the above is true in my case. Good God,no! I am not that kind of evolved soul, at least not yet.Yeah,that is kinda my long term goal.

But what can be more beautiful than being able to welcome every ups and downs in your life with joy, to be able pray for yourself and for the rest of the world continuously and being able to be thankful under all circumstances ?

I lose my cool at the tiniest hint of trouble.I do pray, but only when I am sad or am distressed! I give thanks, but only when something exceptionally good has happened. Well, looks like I have miles to go!

I believe in prayers. I have heard people criticize the very concept of praying by pointing out that the possibility of existence of a personal god is infinitely small. But trust me, praying works. Not sure how or why, but it works. If someone is going to claim that prayers getting answered is sheer coincidence, then I my life would be full of coincidences and that many coincidences are not quite possible in anyone’s life.

Back in my school days, my prayers were kind of bargains. “Oh God named XYZ, please do this, or else I will stop praying” or “Please lord named ABC, if I can have ‘that thing’ I will not do ‘this’ ever again”. And praying also meant taking care of all Gods and displeasing none(Hindus have quite a few Gods, plus there were Gods from other religion whom I didn’t want to offend). It started getting kinda complicated and so I gradually started addressing one particular person, a God, instead of inserting n different names.Later, my prayers transitioned into handwritten notes that I quietly burned-my own innovative way of posting the letter to God. I then started keeping those letters with me , to read later and remind myself of my state of mind at that point of time. It is amazing how quite often, ‘matters of life and death’ of past start to seem quite silly later on!

When I started living in the hostel during my college days, we used to have prayer groups at night. Praying in a group is more like sharing your grief and joy with others. It is a great experience , as if suddenly your problems are not your own, there are quite a few people around you who are willing to shoulder it and pray for you.That was when I realized that you can pray for anyone around you and actually feel great about it!

Yes, I do have my share of doubts, like any skeptical person. I don’t believe in going to religious places and standing in queue for long long time, pushing and shoving, all for one second of eye lock with the deity.I don’t believe in spending thousands in the name of pujas or offerings!

But I believe in the power of prayers and I believe in doing at least one good deed in return for an answered prayer!



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