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Ouija Board

Obviously, you have heard of Ouija Board.

And have you ever used it? Well I don’t know about you, but I have a very clean track record when it comes to using ouija board .I have never ever touched it!But yeah, I have seen people use it.

The very first time I heard about it was when I was 10. We had 3 divisions of class 5 – A ,B and C and some of the kids in 5 C used a hand made Ouija board during the recess. The rumor was that a real good spirit actually responded to their call and answered all sorts of question.

You can imagine the chaos that followed. Some of the kids in my class too took on the mission and it kinda became a question of prestige. It was not the actual version of Ouija board that they used, where a coin is used as the medium.In this amateur version of the board there were letters scribbled on the table and an inverted steel glass that was used as the the medium. A small candle was lighted and was covered by the glass. A few of them kept their fingers on the class and a few others rhythmically chanted “Evil Spirit Come….”( The participants were mostly boys and they didn’t seem interested in having a good calm spirit for company). Well, no spirit came. After a while the glass did move, but it was more than obvious that it was deliberately moved.The excitement over summoning the spirit soon was followed by the stories of the girl’s bathroom being haunted by a spirit that came through the Ouija board and never left,which is a whole different story!

The next time the Ouija board made it’s presence known in the school rumors was when a girl in the neighboring school attempted suicide. She actually walked into the sea and was spotted by a few people who rescued her. One version of story that reached us was that the girl was regularly using Ouija board and fell in love with the spirit which prompted her to try to end her life and join him on the other side. Yeah, very believable story indeed! But you won’t believe the kind of stories that made rounds after that. First hand,second hand and may be 55th hand accounts of Ouija board uses, how sometimes the spirits never leave and proceed to possess the summoner who is last to take hands off the coin, how if repeatedly called the spirit might get attached to you and decide to stay!Most of these stories happened to ‘a friend’s cousin’s college mate’ or ‘neighbors friend’s cousin’s school mate’ and likewise. You get the whiff of it, right :).

I did get involved in all these story telling ,but never did i actually try using the board.Whenever somebody persuades me to do it, the lines that one of my friends had used long back comes running to my mind “Let the dead be on their own.Your body is built to house one soul, you don’t want another one to be in there” ah..isn’t that a spooky line?

So you got any first hand Ouija stories?


8 thoughts on “Ouija Board

  1. “Let the dead be on their own.Your body is built to house one soul, you don’t want another one to be in there”

    ithu aparichithan ile dialogue alle….:P

      1. “ee kathayil kannunna katha patrangalko dialogue kalko evidelum enthekilum sadrshyam undel athu thikachum yadrischikam mathram” …:P

        Nice post, expecting one of your old yakshi kathas soon..:P

  2. I’ve heard bout Ouija stories but never tried. Once a friend told that the spirit possessed her bro and they had to call. Pandit who performed rites n the coin was thrown in the river.

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