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Job Interview- Bloopers

Written exams- I can handle!
Online tests – they are OK!

Even phone interviews are manageable.

But when it comes to face to face job interviews, it gets a little scary. One has to face a real person, with little or no knowledge of how much proficient he/she actually is!

Not only that, one has to do a lot of self marketing and (*frankly speaking*) great deal of exaggeration, all while maintaining a pleasant body language!

Presenting to you some of my Job Interview bloopers!

This happened during my very first job interview, while I was still in college.The company was the first one to come to our college for placements and you all can guess how inexperienced and nervous we students would have been!
After fighting my way through aptitude test(*was not very tough*) and GD(*had a few allies in my group*), I had to face an HR interview before the actual technical one. The very first question asked was “Tell us about yourself“! Not a surprise question. I knew they were going to ask me that and trust me,I was prepared. But God knows what happened, I did start well by telling about where I was from, what course I was doing etc,but continued on blurting about where my father works,what my mother does, how old my sister is etc. Not exactly the kind of answer one would be expected to give. I am pretty sure I used the phrase “Mine is a typical Middle class family“,God knows why!

But then, might be they forgave my mistake, may be they thought that everyone deserves a chance!Yeah, I got placed along with 60 other college mates, and I continued working for the company in question for 5 long years!

My second interview was with another software giant, yet again through the college placement cell.With a job in hand, I was not very nervous.There was no technical interview, clearing the aptitude test and an HR interview would have been enough to get the job. The interview went on in it’s usual course.I gave a better,refined answer for “tell us a bit about yourself“, this time more about myself than about my family and our financial status 🙂

But then,the interviewer asked me a weird question-‘If you are given the funding and opportunity to create something innovative, what would you what to do!’ A very wrong question to ask a person whose favorite genre is fantasy! I did not hesitate before speaking animatedly about how I would want to make a machine that would have complete control of the precipitation.It could make it rain or snow when ever or where ever in the world. It would solve all weather related issues like drought ,global warming and what not! I kinda talked about using laser beams(I still haven’t figured out why) and high energy radiations(I even have no idea what it is) and combination of ‘bio degradable’ chemicals(yes, I am Eco-friendly). After listening all my elaborate explanation without any interruption the interviewer took a deep breath and told me that may be I shouldn’t limit myself to the software industry  :)!

Yeah, there are even more stupid things that I have said. Like once when asked what I measures I take to overcome the stress in a job, I told the interviewer that I load my drawer with chocolates and eat when ever I am stressed. Not a very professional answer I suppose. But believe me nervouness make people do the most embarassing things !

PS: This post does not include the ‘technical interview’ bloopers as they would be either too hilarious or would make no sense based on if you know Java or not 🙂


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