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Friends and petty fights :)

Year 1995, a cold December morning.

I wake up with a jolt, a little earlier than usual .I am so happy, it is my birthday.I can’t wait to get to school, to my friends and see what they have got me for my birthday.

And my anticipations are promptly rewarded as I return home with my trophies, a handful of hand made/used(with the previously scribbled messages neatly struck off to include my name and birthday wishes) cards, a pen box with no pen, a sticker of Hindu Gods and so on. I can’t stop grinning as I stash my treasures carefully in my cupboard, where their predecessors await them and their successors will join them.(Those cards and priceless gifts still rest in my old cupboard,every time I go home I sit looking at them, devouring those nostalgic memories)

A few months later, I quickly steal the one of the two peacock feather that has been sitting in our prayer room.I don’t tell my mother,she might not approve. I know I will miss it , but I place it carefully in one of my textbooks.I start for school and I can’t wait to see the smile on my best friend’s face as I give her her birthday gift.

Days pass!I am very angry and may be a little sad.I had a big big fight with my best friend. We have stopped talking and have solemnly exchanged the gifts we had given each other on our birthdays.We have vowed to be never friends again.The elegant peacock feather is back in my text book and the pen box has left my cupboard.

A month passed with us not speaking. I have moved in ‘comfortably’ with a different friends group and she had a new set of friends too. It breaks my heart to see her happy without me. School is not as fun as it used to be.I miss her, but I pretend to not care!I glance side ways at my friend, itching to speak, but my ego holds me back.

One day, I see her holding a new pen.I swallow my pride and ask in a meek voice.”New?”. She looks at me casually and says “My uncle brought it from US”.Huh…as if I don’t know. She had distributed American chocolates to her ‘friends’ before my eyes, and it goes without saying that I had not got anything! I simply nod.She is silent for a moment and then continues “Do you know ,I wrote something with this pen yesterday!” and pushes a note towards me. I read it with joy, it says “Want to be friends again?
I don’t know how to tell her how much I want to be her friend again, I nod frantically.

And just like that, the walls break and she is my friend again.And yes, I get my share of chocolates that she had saved for me!I am spared from carrying around the baggage of the peacock feather and you won’t believe how lighter and better I feel without it!I realized how dull my little world would be without her as my friend.

We are back to being friends and suddenly the world seems as lovely as ever!

Yeah, there were more petty fights between us and  thankfully ,even more making ups!Those little fights with our friends do make the bonds a little stronger!


8 thoughts on “Friends and petty fights :)

  1. Have been there… But it was me who asked, “Want to be friends again”, and she said, “No”!! Imagine the hurt and embarassment! Hmmm.. lovely write 🙂

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