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So what is D for- D is for Dreams…

Dreams as in the real dreams I see in the half conscious moments of my life, in between sleeps! This doesn’t count the day dreaming, because if I have to write a post on the day dreaming part, it would go on and on and on. I guess that post would be a bit more interesting, you might even get to read a whole chapter ripped off from a mills and boons novel or a super inspiring scene from a motivational movie…but being the generous person I am, I decide to not bestow that kind of torment on you!

Back to dreams, they say that a dream barely lasts a minute or so! But mine are usually longer, or maybe I have continuous flashes of one minute dreams back to back.Yet another fact I have read somewhere is that introverts tend to remember those “night shows” more clearly than the extroverts, so that might explain why I can recall many of my weird dreams.

I have never tried to find a hidden meaning to my dreams. Only half of my conscious thoughts succeed to make any sense, so trying to find a meaning to my subconscious gibberish would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But, I know that half of my dreams have their roots in my self consciousness, insecurities and may be social awkwardness!!

So here are some of my recurring dreams, I bet some of these likes have managed to crawl into many other human sleep-states, for more than once I have heard a friend exclaiming ”I can’t believe it, I used to have exactly the same dream”!

1) This one is a little spooky. In this dream I keep losing my teeth, mostly my front teeth. They sometimes just fall off; sometime they dissolve when I drink something or brush my teeth. More than often I collect my fallen teeth and rush to a dentist to have it fixed back in, but keep facing one or the other hindrance on my way! I feel panic rising in me when I get convinced that I would never reach the dentist’s in time and that I would have to live without my teeth like in forever. Why, I had this dream even this morning….pretty weird huh?

2) Now this one is bound to sound a little familiar. This time I find myself in places, mostly my old school or college or office, with little or no clothes. It is like I had forgotten to put on sufficient clothes and doesn’t realize it until it is too late. You can imagine the embarrassment I feel throughout the dream as I keep looking for a cover to hide myself in or some spare clothes :)…

3) My third recurring dream is more or less plain. This is the one in which I keep falling from a height. I just keep free falling, I experience the weightlessness and I keep expecting to strike the ground with a thud. The moment I hit the ground, I wake up. I don’t mind having these dreams; it is like doing free bungee jumping every night!

4) Now another one of those dreams is the one in which I am writing an exam, with no actual clue on what the answers are or I am writing an exam and I run out of time, with little or no questions answered or I forget that there is an exam until it is too late. I mean you get it, right?

5) Yet another dream is the one where I have little or no visibility, it is like I have suddenly turned half blind. I am walking through a busy road or driving a car, but I can’t force my eyes open or I can see only vaguely when I open my eyes. It is scary!

6) This dream, I guess, has to do something with what I really experience in my sleep. This is the dream where I find myself in short of breath. I am either choked or I just plainly forget to breathe, yet another scary one. Sleep apnea?

7) There is one is with animals and snakes. I get chased by some animals-mostly a tiger or a bear. The thing is I don’t actually feel scared, it is more like a sport, me trying to outwit the poor beast, as if I know that I am stronger that the chaser. The one with the snake is a little more gruesome. This is where I find a snake coiled on my arm, neck or leg and I have more than once cried aloud in my sleep after such an encounter 🙂

8) There is another dream, which I have been seeing in the last few years, where my cousin who was killed in an accident comes back alive and tells me that the whole episode of him dying was a conspiracy or he managed to escape or maybe I even keep forgetting that he is no more! It used to be frequent soon after the tragedy and even now fills me with so much relief!

9) This dream really brings out the “lazy” trait within me.In this one I keep having lot of pending house hold chores to do.Piles of dishes, a very messy house ,lot of cooking etc and my mother or somebody likewise miraculously comes to my place and finishes off each and every one of those tasks…:)…yeah I know, that is a little selfish dream!

My dreams are not aways scary, I have some of the very sweet ones in which I find myself back in school or college or in my home with my parents and sister.Just that I outlined a few weird ones!

There are even more of these, but I guess I will stop here!

Do you recall any of your recurring dreams?


10 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Someone else who grew up reading Mills and Boon-a good stumble upon blog indeed! We all have some of these similar dreams-probably our subconscious projecting our fears in a known context? Do you dream in color or black and white? Good luck with the A-Z challenge. Happy Writing.

  2. To dream that your teeth are falling out is actually one of the most universally common dreams we experience. I suppose that losing our teeth as children is such a traumatic experience that it just sticks with us forever.

    I remember most of my reoccurring dreams, yes. I have one where I am inside a tower made of white and gold, and one where I am lying on my back in a still river, slowly floating downstream amid the river weeds and willows. I find dreams about water to be the most soothing, even when they are violent. I had a dream once that I was trapped against a cliff with a 30 foot tsunami baring down on me, and it was the most at peace feeling I’ve ever experienced in a dream.

  3. I can hardly remember my dreams. Only very rarely do I remember my nightmares- mostly when I am stressed

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