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B is for Books :)

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I read a lot!

I would call my self a quantitative reader rather than a qualitative one, if that makes any sense. When I read a book, my sole concern is the plot and the factors like expressions, writing styles etc takes a back seat.If I get hooked to a book, it will happen in the first 5 chapter or so. If not the probability is that I would give upon that book.Many books like the Inheritance of Loss, Shantaram, The suitable boy etc are still lying in my cupboard,half read.

But then if I like a book, I get so obsessed by it and I have to finish it asap. This kind of reading style usually does not let me enjoy every aspect of the book.

Yet another thing that I do is re read my favorite books. I am not very sure how many times I have read the books from Harry potter series or To kill the mocking bird or The Help or Faraway tree books etc . I never get tired by these favorites books of mine. And I am a very loyal reader, I keep returning to the authors of my favorite books even when they disappoint me.

I read a lot of chick lits-even the one’s like Shopoholic series which I can not even relate to in my fanciest dreams. I have read all three books of Anuja Chauhan, I love many of the Sophie Kinsella,Cecilia Ahern ,Nicolas Sparks books.I think my love of chick lits dates back to my school days when i used to devour the Sweet Valley Twins series.It goes without saying that I am a Jane Austin patron.

Yeah, Mystery and psycho thrillers are my kind of genre too. Only last month I read 7 Lisa Gardner books in a row :)..yeah I could go a little overboard at times.I remember I had once gone on a reading spree with only Dean Koontz books for a couple of months, all on aliens and brain washing and stuffs like that.I almost found myself turning loony :).

Ayn Rand is yet another of my favorite authors, but I must confess that I had skipped bulk of pages when I read Atlas Shrugged.I am a come to the point kind of person ,:D

Paulo Coehlo’s books also find a permanent place in my book rack, Brida being my favorite.

Just like most of the people, my love of books started before I even learned to read. It managed to keep growing in the aisles of my school library.I had a lot of friends who were good readers from whom i could borrow books. Private libraries,book clubs,public libraries , they all kept the passion alive.

I adore Malyalam Novels, in fact I had an extreme craving for them during the last months of my pregnancy.I used to read one book after the other by Basheer,Pottakadu,MT,Mukundan,O Vijayan…ahhh..those were my reading days and my mother used to get so mad at me :).

I am not a serious reader, I read a book for the sheer pleasure of it, I don’t feel it is an accomplishment or something I have to do.Infact sometimes I have gone without reading even a paragraph for months.It all depends on my mood.

Unlike most of the book lovers, I have swiftly transitioned from paper back to e books. In fact,I love e books better.Lets me afford more books.Even borrowing ebook from a library is more convenient, no unwanted driving to library.

I haven’t tried many Non fiction genres, but I hate self help books and books on relationship advises.

I love to write poems, but i haven’t read any poems after finishing off my school.That is something that I am looking forward to do, I have already taken my baby steps by finishing of The stag’s leap.

Books bring back a lot of memories-right from my first books-famous five,Nancy drew, Enid Blyton fantasy books like Faraway tree,Malory Towers. Sweet valley twins, Sidney Sheldon…I still remember my school library and all those magical moments that I spent in there.

So what is your favorite books.

***The post was written in a rush,I don’t know if it would make any sense**




35 thoughts on “B is for Books :)

  1. I love to read too and our tastes seem quite similar (I hate self-help books too!). One of my first books was by Enid Blyton it was a green hardback I purchased secondhand and I adored it – in fact, I think I’ll seek it out when I’m next back home!

    1. Enid Blyton books are something most of the ppl from our generation hv in common…In fact I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up enough to start reading Enid Blyton books :)…

  2. Ok I am a quantitative reader too, but my definition is a little different. I read through the book, even if I dislike the plot, writing style, etc. Basically to finish what I start or in the hope that things will improve.
    Loyal to writers (Check)
    I once read David Baldacci only for 6 months.
    I can never get back to a book, once I have finished it. This permeates through almost everything that I do.
    What else, ohh yes I hated ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’. Sorry I have been waiting to say that for a while now.

    1. :)…I kinda liked the Book though it was not as good as the other books by the author :)…. I don’t re read all the books I have finished reading, only a few which I like the most 🙂

  3. I missed reading this post yesterday. Glad I stopped by now. I see a reflection of me when I read your post. You portray everything in a very simple way that the reader can easily relate. Im also a ardent lover of books- and yes, a quantitative one! I too read for the sheer pleasure of it. I don’t even go for renowned authors at times. And yes, Shantaram still lie on my bookshelf- read only 100 pages maybe.. 😛 I wish you read this when free:

    1. ah..i see it :)…I haven’t yet given Narnia a chance…and glad that u discovered Harry Potter,I know people who say that they are childish, but I haven’t read anything else that has let my imaginations run’s not the plot, not the charterers,but the whole ambiance in the book…I still use the spells like accio coffee etc and pause for a second to see if it actually worked 😛

  4. hey love ur B for Books and quite surprisingly, we wrote on similar B..LOVE THE POST..oh! you must read Inheritance of Loss, Shantaram, The suitable boy..must the vivid picture painted by Shantaram on Mumbai…Im yet to read Anuja Chauhan and im a huge fan of Coelho, Harry Potter, add to that, Indie romcoms, Salman Rushdie..i managed to read few short ebooks but find it tough to read huge ones..Im still a print wala fan:)

    1. I don’t know if u would like Anuja Chauhan, call it stereotyping,but it might appeal more to girls :)…
      I did reach half of the book Shantaram and god knows why I never wanted to finish it, I picked up the book because my friend was going gaga on how good the book was….hmm…the thing is if I have some kind of expectation on a book,I usually end up not liking it..may be a ego problem :)…And God help me, i have picked up Inheritance of loss atleast 5 times and have put it down all those times, isn’t it painfully slow….:(… I know most of the book lovers attach sentimental values to paper backs and even i like to see them sitting in my cupboard, smell the book smell …but money matters 😀

      1. hey..then u don’t really know Anuja kinda books..lolz..well stereotyping! love chick lit enjoy Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan.You right in a way Shantaram is over hyped but the book good-amazing description of one of ma fav city..loved Inhertance of los..also Jhumpa Lahiri one of ma fa…..

        1. i loke Jhumpa Lahiri too…Namesake ,unaccustomed earth, interpretor of maladies…loved them all..yet to read the low land…and how did I forget Khaled Hosseini…and i apologise for the stereotyping..then u should definitely read Anuja Chauhan,start with teh Zoya factor,flipkart offers the ebook at 108Rs..:)

  5. Hey can you let me know of some good ebook library.. ?? I love books too..I read a lot during my travel time wich is around 3-4 hrs.. I wud die if der were no books 🙂

    1. I hv a membership with the public library here in US and they have a good collection of ebooks in overdrive,plus its FREE:D…but you can try Scribd, they offer unlimited books for reasonable price.First month trial is free…:)….happy reading…(confession..i download books from torrent once in a while…shhhhh…)

  6. Wow that’s all of you just in this post! Very expansive and varied genres. Ayn Rand and Paulo Coelho at least we have in common! 😉 Ans likewise the reading bug started with the magic of Enid Blyton!

  7. I read various kinds of books, but I’m quite choosy. I have abandoned some books after/during the first chapter. My favourite author is P. G. Wodehouse. I have read some of his books numerous times and would love to read them again and again.

  8. I love historical fiction- sometimes fantasy. If you like mystery try books by Keigo Higashino. I’m also taking part in the A to Z Challenge. Good luck!

    1. I have been planning on to read The Devotion of Suspect X after hearing lot of good things about the movie adaptation….I checked out your posts and I kinda get why you like historic fiction..:)…I hvnt read much of them if emma,pride and prejudice,oliver twist etc doesn’t count…and does Dan brown count ? 🙂

      1. Yes Dan Brown definitely counts. People keep dismissing his writings as trash- but I think they’re snobs- lol

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