Confused -yet again

When your have a lot of things stuffed, or perhaps over stuffed , into the small crammy space called your mind, it is difficult to single out one memory and write about it. I feel that all those things from my past have formed a medley and have become so influenced by each other that I myself can’t distinguish between the real and fake ones.That is a little scary situation, not knowing if something that you grow fond of really happened or was a figment of your imagination :).

My mind is like a poorly maintained cupboard with all kind of things tossed in and the doors squeezed closed. If I open those doors, I am sure I will be drowned by the bulk of things that would fall all over me.Some of those heavy ones would even hurt me.It would overwhelm me and I might have to spend a great deal of time trying to bury them back behind the doors.But yes, it would be fun examining the odd things during the process, may be some of them would give me a smile or two, may be I would want to put a few of them away for good, may be I would polish a few dull pieces or may be I would share a few with others….

I had planned to share 26 posts on a few fragments from my past life….for the A to Z challenge.But here I sit, scratching my head trying to find one thing to write about, let alone the fact that it should begin with the respective letter.I hope I can figure out a few soon :)…well I think I keep living up to my blogs title yet again…Confused….as always..

Any suggestions anybody ?


10 thoughts on “Confused -yet again

      1. I know.. I scheduled for the other one.. I could write only for a and B… and then I didnt have anything to write.. 😛 Im thinking whether I shud write on my wedding theme 😦 😦

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