Ishaan avoided the captain’s eyes.He kept glancing somewhere between his shoulders and the wall.

“Cricket is a game of ethics” his captain was bellowing.

Ishaan could feel the weight of eleven pair of eyes that bore into him, accusing him of terrible betrayal.

He continued to be silent. He never felt this small his whole life, his team was nothing less than his second family and a guilt as big as this never goes pardoned in a serious game called cricket!

“I never expected this out of you Ishaan” his coach muttered.

“I am sorry…” Ishaan whispered. They had lost for the first time, because of him, because of his greed.

“You have ravaged our reputation” the coach continued.”And an action as hideous as this deserves severe punishment”

I was tempted…..I am sorry…” Ishaan muttered and he glanced nervously at the confiscated bribe that was displayed openly on the table.The things that had made him go weak in his knees, that made him feel giddy with greed, the things that had appeared larger than life, it just lied there looking useless and hollow, reminding him of his betrayal.Was this the end of his cricket career? Will he lose his place in this team?

“How could you? ” the captain’s voice was barely audible.

The coach led the captain to a corner and they went on a whispering spree.After a few minutes, which felt like eternity to Ishaan, both of them came back.The coach cleared his throat and declared,”You have been a great member of our team, not to forget that one of the finest bat that we have is owned by you.But we have to set some standards and so we are forced to take action against you. Ishaan, you have to share all these items with the team and will not be allowed to bat or bowl for a week.”

As soon as the declaration was made, the bunch of boys,including the coach and captain, rushed to the table to get their hands on the game DVDs ,WWF cards and bubble gum packets that their team member had accepted from their rival colony team, while Ishaan gaped at them helplessly  !

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