My Life

Grand Love

Being a parent is all ecstatic ,magical and everything.Parents are supposed to love their kids more than anything in this word,right? But hello, one moment you are the center of yours parents’ universe and the next second a wailing infant pops out and you are shoved out and mercilessly replaced.Ah…the bitter truth of betrayal…!

My parents are visiting us for 3 months and all they can see is their Grand-kid. It is like me and my husband are just looming in the background, dissolving into oblivion.

I don’t know what it is with Grand Parents, they go from being tough,busy,hard parents to soft,pampering,sensitive Grand parents in a blink. Even my mother was shell shocked to see my ‘all patriarchal father’ keen on changing diapers of my new born daughter. And these days he has become all buddy buddy with her, I get to smile a lot while watching them play as if they were of the same age group.

And my mother, the once strict mother of mine is all giving me classes on how not to hurt my daughter’s feeling , just because I refused to let her eat ice cream during odd hours.

Oh God…isn’t my kiddo enjoying these undivided attention and world class pampering :)…

And the greatest joy in this world is to see somebody else love your child perhaps more than you yourself could….I would say one of the best things in this world is love of the Grand Parents…


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