Mend my heart


I slump back on the cozy arm chair

A book in my hand,

I see you through the corner of my eyes

Waiting for me!

Your eyes twin mirrors of your mind,

Silently pleading

Expectantly gazing!

I do know what you want

You just need a play mate

You want me to share your fun

You need a friend…


But I choose to ignore

Oh, what fun are your silly games

I stiffle a yawn, go back into the steamy plot

A tug on my arms

There you stand, impatient

You are silent no more

You demand to be seen

Shush, I say

And back to the myraids of words I go


You are hurt,

Anguished by the betrayal

Oh why would anyone read a book,

With not one picture on its page?

Come play with me

It is more fun,you reason

and clamber on to my lap.


You look at the confusing maze

Of letters,words and nothing else

You spot an “A”

Oh ! What glee, you spot another one.

And then you show off

Your reading skills

By reading those familiar letters aloud,

and ofcourse mixing up a few

You try some words, well a little far stretched

And then you lose interest.


The spell is broken

My patience tested

As you yank away the book

And show me your flushed face

Come to play, comes an order

No, I will to disobey

For I am the parent,

the one who make the rules.





Did you hate me, when you walked away?

A mother who does not care,

Is that what you thought,

My sweetheart,my little pal?


Well, I too need some time alone

to do a few things I love…

You should but know this , for

you are indeed a big girl now


Remember those days

When you wailed all day

Oh, what terrible days they were

Thank god, you grew up so fast!

But then you keep growing up,

a little too fast for my liking…



And in a few years from now

I do see a door closing on my face

I do hear an irritating wail

Asking me to stay away

A cool request coming my way

From you asking me

To give you a little  privacy!

Ah..the thought makes me

jump on my feet!

How much more time do I have

To be the center of your world

I rush in to see you lie on the bed

Crumpled and heart broken

Your face lights up in a pretty smile

As you watch me cuddle next to you.

You blow me a kiss,

I hug you tight, oh what a pure joy this is!


After a rude dismissal

From your life and secrets,

Will you come back to me then,

Just like I did today ?


Will you come back to mend my heart,

in those years down the lane?


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