Sai stole another glance at the wall clock for the umpteenth time – as each minute tickled away, he felt the knot in his stomach getting tighter.It was almost ten, his daughter should have called at least two hours earlier.

Thousand fears crept into his mind, his intuition telling him that something has gone wrong.Vague pictures kept flashing before his eyes, faceless men crouching in the shadow, his clueless daughter walking into their hands, silent screams,violence,pain!

Beads of cold sweat lined his forehead as he dialed the very familiar number of his daughter to hear the recorded emotion less female voice informing him yet again that she was out of coverage area.He did not know what to do, his daughter was in another city thousands of kilometers away,he couldn’t even rush there to help her. A jumbled collage of words kept echoing in his ears-abducted, gang raped, killed….he nervously glanced back at the clock.

A few minutes later ,the phone started ringing and a gush of divine relief filled his heart when he saw his daughters number flashing on the display.As he sat listening to his daughters story of how she was held up at work and how her phone had ran out of charge, he knew he could sleep comfortably that night too-his daughter had safely reached back home from work!

This post was written in response to WriteTribe’s 9 sentence fiction.


16 thoughts on “Fear

  1. It has become such a ruthless world and it’s natural for parents to fear for the worst. Well! Despite being a guy, my old man would always be worried for me and my safety. Guess! love do things to us:) Very well etched and happy that she is safe:)

  2. You have brought out the anxiety of many such parents! Considering the world we are living in, the panic and fear is unfortunately a thing you can’t brush aside that easily!

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