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As per the Write Tribe Festival Of Words 3 -Day 2 challenge, I am required to share a few blogs that i love- outside the usual Write Tribe Circle.

There are quite a few blogs that I like , just sharing one special one.

My World.Unbound

Rajeev is my friend from college and a very good writer . He is a great storyteller, one look at his collection of fiction would tell you that. In fact he is one of the reasons why I started to write myself – he used to sent the drafts of his stories to us friends and I used to turn green with envy  :)…I can no way match up to his way of writing , as I always tell him, but his writings have motivated me enough to start my humble blog.

His stories are very polished and I really expect to see him published once…

Please do visit his blog and tell him how great his stories are , so that he would write more of those 🙂


21 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. I always envy amazing fiction writers and among the tribe, I find Kajal, Sid Balachandra and Richa Singh as amazing writers who make me feel incomplete as a blogger/writer. I gotta make of lists of those in your tribe and mine also:)

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