Christmas Lights

Christmas has come and gone , and I am very much aware that two whole months have hence passed ,but who can defy the universal rule which proclaims that  it is better to be late that never :)..

A few pictures I snapped at the Christmas  fair near our home few months ago…


Metaphorically, I prefer to call this ‘Strings of Enlightenment’….. 😀


This click did not come out as well as I had envisioned :P….


Don’t ask me what this is…some tribal theme I guess, but it looks kinda funny, right !Laughing Zoomba…

20131216_195416 I was using a cell phone camera, so if you did not understand what this picture is all about….then it’s not my fault :)…btw, it is just a flight of steps in case you are still wondering…This is called abstract photography, not every one can snap these kind of unique pieces


And then we spotted a shop…through the shop window….!


Some Christmas decorations…..


Some more of them…


My little one’s dream come true…a candy tree 🙂


Three wise men….ahem..with their price tags


A cute little Rudolf…


Jingle bells..Jingle bells….


Yummy Santas…all packed ….


Ok…the flash kinda ruined it…but it was the cutest crystal piece in that shop…very expensive too…( and I did not buy it ,if you happen to wonder)


This picture ought to be self explanatory :)…

No animals, birds or humans were injured during this photo shoot.And that is me signing off…it is high time I got a SLR camera :),don’t you think so ?


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