Random Stupid Thoughts

When you feel the need to be yourself and you don’t figure out who the real you is, things kinda gets complicated.Not that I am complicated, it is just that I feel I am complicated…a kind of self patronizing.So you decide to discover yourself through the random thoughts that invade your solitude, but you feel embarrassed to express them lest the world think lesser of you!

Have you longed of breaking free from the bonds of your identity and considered living only for yourself in the ways that appeals to you, without feeling a tinge of guilt of being totally selfish? Have you just for a moment wished no one cared what you did?  That you would just vanish from the spot and no one would even notice!

Now, that is equally disturbing when viewed from a different angle.Who would want to remain invisible to the world? Aren’t we humans technically termed ‘social animal’ , so without the ‘social’ part we are all just ‘animals’.Is it this appalling possibility of being branded as a ‘mere animal’  which forces us to give the social side of existence more importance than our actual existence?

How many of us do all things we do only because we wanted to do it in the first place? May be I have done a thing or two in my life for myself, but the rest of it has gone with the flow,I have merely done what the world wanted me to do!

Or is there anything that I want to do for myself or is it just a crazy longing just to prove that there is more to myself than what I have built up in these years of being alive?

When you finally accept the fact that you are just going to be one of those million faces that is going to sink into the mighty oblivion and that you would leave behind nothing sans a pile of bones, you should technically stop being concerned about what others would perhaps think about you (if they ever happen to find some time to do that). But no, all your life you keep fretting about you image, your identity (what ever it is supposed to mean).

Do we all have identities, something that separates us from the rest of us?Or is it just another clever theory to make the ‘very ordinary’ us to feel special? How am I different from the rest of the million people out there? I sometimes wonder if there is a person out there doing the exactly same thing that I am doing at exactly the same moment and his/her mind responding in the same way to the process.

We humans tend to complicate things. We always try to find bigger deeper things while just the superficiality is more than enough for our survival. I am not complaining about this nature, for without this level of curiosity wouldn’t I still be roaming in some forest hunting for my next meal instead of typing all these rubbish?

If at all you happen to read this, I would like to Thank You…for taking the precious seconds out of your life to listen to my gibberish! Thanks for being a fellow human, thanks for breathing in the same air and resonating in the same energy sphere!!



7 thoughts on “Random Stupid Thoughts

  1. I guess its tym for u to stop blogging…..:-P….and the above said stuff is one f de main reasons y bloggin s such a hit…:-D:-D

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