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The wallet that came back

In the recent years, my life has become saga of searches. And let me make myself clear, I am not metaphorically referring to the eternal search for self or the passionate search for ultimate truth or something on that line.
The search missions that I undertake are pretty much for petty things like keys,wallets, cards, documents,glasses and so on.

Before I proceed I would like to throw some light on my personality trait,just to be fair to my husband whom I am going to heartlessly criticize in this post. To be more precise, I am talking about that one trait in particular which has caused me  quite some pain and inconvenience all my life,my absentmindedness.
In the last five years I have lost three mobile phones (One of them was literally lifted off my bag, so it doesn’t actually count as carelessness). I had once once left my purse in a snack shop in Chennai Railway station and the kind shop keeper, who had found out my seat number and train number from the reservation ticket inside the purse, had returned the same to a clueless me, seconds before the train chugging from the station.When I was in school and college, I used to spent hours searching for my books that would miraculously  disappear and would later reappear on my table after I give up on my search.

My mother used to complain that she had got the most careless person in the world for a daughter and I never used to think twice before wholeheartedly agreeing with her.

But all those changed after I got married.

Wait…! Did you for a minute think that I transformed in to a responsible extra careful individual after adding the title Mrs to my name? Well, no…I remained the same. So what changed? Have you heard the logic of making a big line small my drawing a bigger line by its side? Likewise, I married a more careless person and by relativity measures I became less careless. I won’t bother to describe how careless he is, because I have already told you how bad I am and you can kinda double or even triple my absentmindedness and still it will fall short by my husband’s standards (No, he don’t read my post unless I pester him in to it, so my marital harmony is still intact :))

Before much delay, let me proceed to the story and as the title suggests ,it is about a wallet, my husband’s wallet!

brown-leather-wallet-chromexcel-mens-leather-wallet-6-pockets_grande (1)

This wallet and myself shares a very special bond. I have spent hours looking for it.Some of the most ecstatic moments in my life is linked to finding this wallet. I don’t want to list out all those  countless instances where this particular wallet decided to go missing and then was miraculously found. So I have narrowed down to three particular events in the life of our beloved wallet(technically it is his wallet, but it shares a deeper and stronger relation with me, so I can call it our wallet with all supremacy).

1. One kind Soul

One day my husband decides to take off from work for some reason. Being a dutiful husband, he drops me off at my office in the morning. After an hour or so, I get a call from him. He tells me in an emotionless voice that he has lost his wallet. “How ,when ,where?” I scream into the phone and a few colleagues, concerned by my sudden outburst, turns their head towards me. He describes the chain of events that took place that morning.After dropping me off, he had gone to the gas station. When he reached back home, he found that his wallet was missing. So he drove back to the gas station and had gas station assistant check the cctv footage from earlier that day. They found that he had placed the wallet on the top of his car while he refilled the tank and forgot to pick it up. The wallet still remained on the top until the car disappeared from the cctv range. So my husband leaves his name and address with the man and heads back home and spends a peaceful day.

I, on the other hand, finds myself thick with worry. I call my husband every half an hour to check if somebody has called. I remind him to cancel the debit and credit cards for the umpteenth time.The wallet in question is the home all of my husbands id cards(both US and Indian,except for the passport;Thank God passports don’t fit into the wallet) and held around 40-50$ in cash that particular day.

Time slithers by, in the evening I tell my husband that I would take a bus to the gas station and do a search on my own.He laughs at my persistence and tells me that it is gone, he had already searched the whole area.But, I would have never got peace of mind if I have not looked myself.So I go anyway and no surprises her, I find nothing.

I reach back home and there is an odd silence inside our home, our own way to mourn the lost wallet. My husband keeps telling me that it is just a wallet, no big deal,but I know he is thinking of the pain of re applying all the lost ids and stuffs. I bite my tongue to keep me from lashing out at him for being so careless(Hello,so what if I am equally careless..I have never placed a wallet on the top of the car and forgot all about it..)

Before the blaming game began, the door bell rings . And there stands a man who had come to bring back our wallet home. He tells me that he had found it lying on the road, he had found the debit card inside the wallet and called up the bank and got the address from the bank. I am so surprised that I barely manage mutters a lame thanks  before the man smiles one last time and leaves. I can’t even recall his face. I don’t think my husband even had the pleasure to meet him. We check the purse and there is nothing missing.Even the cash remain untouched.

I was so touched by this act of kindness. I still believe he was some kind of angel or something, may be that is why he left so hastily. Dear stranger, who ever you are, I always cite you as an example the second somebody starts grumbling about lost values of humanity ….!

2. Ouch, I stepped on something

This happened a couple of months after the gas station incident. I had to go to the library because a couple of books I had borrowed were past their due date. So my husband drops me and my daughter at the library. He tells me that he would go to the community gym in the neighboring building and do a quick ‘walk’.  Before I he leaves the library , I ask my husband if he had some change which I could use to pay the late fee. He takes out his wallet and gives me two dollars. Me and my daughter stay in the library and he goes to the gym.

After around 20 minutes, my husband comes back with a drawn face. “What?” I ask him as I sense something wrong. “I did not have my wallet when I reached the community building.” He says. He is positively sure that he had given the same to me along with the money and I counter his logic as am convinced that he had put the wallet back in his pocket. We search the library, every inch of the place where he had been that day. I ask the librarian if somebody had found a wallet in the room. We leave our phone number and decide to leave after repeated reassurance from the librarian that she would call us as soon as she finds it.159987-425x352-stressed-face

By the time we come out, it is pitch dark. I tell my husband that we should search the path from the library that leads to the community gym. He agrees. “But I did not take the usual path, I just crossed this clearing and took the shortest path” he tells me. So the clearing is completely dark and full of grasses and bushes. He has no idea on which side of the clearing he had walked as he was preoccupied(thinking God knows what).He assures me he had not taken anything from his pocket that would have caused the wallet to drop. He maintains that the wallet has fallen down in the library and that someone have quietly pocketed it.

Incident one had fortified my trust in humanity and I somehow felt that nobody would have actually kept the wallet if they had found it. So I tell him that the wallet was not lost in the library which means that it has to be lying somewhere on the ground. I do a quick look in the dim light of my mobile display, without luck.

My husband suggests we come back in the morning and look when it is brighter. I reluctantly agree. As I starts walking back, I slip ,almost fall down and my foot lands on something. It is bulgy, softer than a rock and more solid than grass. No prize for guessing, it was the wallet. The one on which we had almost given up on. I guess it just wanted to have a spicy adventure and panicked when it saw that we were leaving. So it might have summoned it super natural power to make me trip and land on it.

I still remember the look of reverence on my husband’s face as I picked up the wallet and thrust it at his face. Well, I became the hero who saved his day 🙂

3. In the movie theater

images (9)This incident is fairy recent,it took place last week to be precise.(In fact, it was this incident that inspired me to write this whole post).

So we went to see this movie. As it was not an animation movie or a movie with colorful dances and fast songs, my daughter got pretty bored after a while. After finishing off the popcorn bag, gulping down the unhealthy cup of sugar , visiting rest room in the middle of a very crucial scene, she decided she had enough of the movie. She spent the rest of the time in the theater by running along the side of the seats(Thankfully she was not blocking anyone’s view,but I am sure that she would have distracted at least a few serious movie watchers. But being the selfish people we are, me and my husband chose to ignore her completely).

After the movie, we get up to  leave the hall. I guiltily glance at the floor below our seat that looks like the remnant of a battle field. The whole area is littered with popcorn. I first chose to walk on, but after a few steps I decide that I have to be a role modal to my kid. So I tell her that we have to clean up( which I doubt she heard as her focus was on the exit door, she was as eager to get out as a puppy who locked in a little box for long). Since I had already knelt down, I poignantly pick up the popcorn left overs from under the seat and what do I find under my husband’s seat?

Yes, there it lies.The very wallet who has, over the time we spent together, developed a telepathic relation with me. I pick it up, a tide of emotions rise within me as I do that.

Well, I play the usual drama. I ask my husband if he has got any coins in his wallet. He searches his pocket, a flash of horror flickers on his face. He catches my eyes and breaks in to a goofy-ish grin and asks me “You found it, haven’t you?”

My dear better half, I did find it. I understand that your wallet and I have grown a complex rapport. But don’t bestow this extremely tiring responsibility of keeping tab of the whereabouts your wallet on me, I might fail you some day!


2 thoughts on “The wallet that came back

  1. Lol.. I can totally relate to you 🙂 I too have a wallet story.. I have written somewhr on the blog!! Forgot in which post though!! 😛
    Anyway, I had decided to change my wallet after it has decided to mysteriously disappear in some dungeon! *Being superstitious* 😛 😛

    1. ‘mysteriously disappearing’ phenomenon can be ought to be some silly wizards playing tricks on us…i wonder what the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts dept is doing :D(i hope u read harry potter :))

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