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Warm fuzzy flattery

Man being a social animal and all, compliments are really important. If something can make a person a little bit more happy or more confident, it is worth it !!After all we all need some moral boosting via some honest flattery every once in a while…

And complimenting someone is the greatest ice breaker ever and one of the easiest way to make small talks .For example, compliment somebody about their clothes and if lucky enough you can end up conversing  thirty whole minutes on clothes. All those who are wrinkling their nose at the thought of spending thirty minutes talking about clothes,relax!It was just an example.It could be anything ranging from clothes to some creative works to kids to pets, I was just implying how you could get over the initial hiccups with new acquaintances via compliments.Also, the best way to get into the goodbooks of a parent is to compliment how smart their kids are(it works in my case, each time somebody says nice things about my kid, they are ensured my permanent loyalty :))

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Sometimes compliments just lift your spirits. Sometimes they make you more confident.I have read about an extreme case where a typical compliment stopped someone from attempting  suicide(I can’t find that article now, but i did read about something in that line). I mean, that is the power of telling good things about others, because some of us really need to hear something good about ourselves,even if it is from a random person.

Giving compliments is entirely up to an individual. we cannot make a rule or force a person to cough up any compliments. But there are some places where you ought to give a compliment or two.

If you are invited to a lunch or dinner , you have to compliment the host on how good the whole thing was and how nice the food was. It takes a lot of effort to cook special dishes and make the house look sparkling. the poor guys have spent all the time that they could have spent in a better way like watching movies or sleeping , to earn your compliments. So better live up to their expectation.

In a marriage or in a long term relationship,the act of keep complimenting your partner from time to time is a life saver. It keeps your relationship fresh.Complimenting him/her on his/her skills  would do wonders.This would also help a person in not  taking his/her partner for granted. Anything left unappreciated is bound to grow stale over time.But beware,mere complimenting with no intention of sharing chores won’t work, how ever flattering your comments may be 🙂

When it comes to work, the old saying that flattery would get you anywhere holds true even today.Studies have already proved that complimenting the employees can increase their performance and decrease the attrition rate.

As far as  kids are concerned, complimenting them is a necessity. Schools have in fact started using compliments as a tool to encourage kids. Do this and don’t do this replaced by gracious flattery have proved to be very effective with kids, of course when not overdone !

Overdoing compliments  can turn creepy too. The art of buttering up or fake complimenting is an effective tool used by a lot of us for our own advantage. Praising a person in power to cheesy heights is a popular means to get things done :). Even unintentional innocent compliments can be classified as disturbing when used repetitively. It would either point to stalking or buttering up :).

Apparently January 24th is observed as the National Compliments Day in some places in the world.Since we have a day for each and every element of life, it doesn’t come as a surprise. But I can’t help wondering,if a day was publicized as national compliment day and all are aware that compliments will be  given out generously the whole day, won’t it feel a little unnatural both at the giving and receiving ends?

Imagine this situation.

A, B and C are in the elevator.

A to B: “Nice Shoes”

B to A: Thank you, nice coat by the way!

A (smiles and looks at C): Nice hairstyle!

C(grins and nods and replies):Thank You, you  have lost some weight I guess! Looking great

B(interrupts):That’s true. C, you have lost some weight yourself.You look so young

A:yup.I was going to say that.

*****awkward silence*************

Elevator door opens, all three wish each other good day and go their way thinking…”Phew..that was embarrassing…Thank God National Compliments day comes only  once a year..”.



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