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Diary of a “Politically Aware” Facebook User


Dear Diary,

I unliked AAP page today.Too much depressing news. The Aam Aadmi Party was in rule for almost a month and nothing spectacular happened. I mean 30 whole days, iI thought all corruption would be swept off from Delhi within this large time frame and prices would fall to the rate in 2000 or something. But nothing of that sort happened,all I got to see was a coughing chief minister and a spoof of a video! The dharna held by the ruling party did bring in some spice, but then it turned out to be as cold as wet crackers in the end! And they already have expelled a member, they are same old class of shitty politicians. You know how dirty these politicians are, I have never spotted a clean one in any of the movies I have seen till date. The very rare ones that are shown in the movies are either killed in bomb blasts or something or are larger than life figures who deliver thunderous dialogues and are up for quick action. Since that is not the case in Delhi,  these AAP kinds fall in to  the same old dull class of uninteresting Politicians. Also it seems their party donations have gone down from 20 something lakhs to just 2 lakhs a day.It all sounds like a low budget movie!

So now I am thinking on a Modi line. I saw one of his interviews and his dialogues are punchy. Even the Congress had been stealing his slogan it seems.That has to mean that he has something in him right? Yeah, I know there are talks of some riots in 2002. But somebody gave him clean chit the other day I guess! And seems he was a tea vendor. So he must be a legend like Abraham Lincoln or something(isn’t he the one who studied under street lamps and became President).So I have shared a few posts that says NaMo for 2014. But then there was this article which was shared by another friend which said Modi was some religious frantic with hidden agendas and all his talks on Gujarat is fake. I mean who knows right, but then clean chit is a clean chit says another post!It is all very confusing.

Ok, i watched this interview of Rahul Gandhi called frankly speaking.I did not watch the whole thing but I read the viewers comments and it looks like the guy has said something dumb there. I mean, if you are not good at public speaking or dodging questions or giving spectacular answers , how can you be a good leader.Especially when you are pitted against Arnab Goswami.( That guy is a spectacular speaker.Did I not tell you about his Never Ever remix that i watched the other day? I mean he should also run for Parliament this time. It would be fun listening to his speeches.)Anyway, that picture post of Rahul Gandhi looking clueless with the caption ‘Papu’s epic fail’ looked hilarious and so I shared it! You won’t believe the kind of things they talk about the Congressmen on Facebook and twitter!(It would take a whole different entry to tell you about all those naked truth unveiled by one Swamy)

I should tell you how happy I am to have found politics interesting in the end. It gives me something to read about all day.Entertainment news have been a bit boring nowadays. No recent break ups and gossips. Also it makes me a politically aware person right? May be I should read more news on world politics! The tweets on political issues and this whole political satires are so humorous. And the hash tags they use are so bloody cool.  I have never laughed as much as I did today reading the tweets on the interview I talked about earlier!

But I should tell you one thing, all these politicians are so corrupt that I have lost hope in them .That is the reason why I have not voted even once my whole life.Our system is flawed, did you know that?

Ok then Diary,hope I will have more news for you tomorrow.Good night

With love



10 thoughts on “Diary of a “Politically Aware” Facebook User

  1. Hi Rem, a few thoughts:
    If we are politically aware, we should have know that it just isn’t enough to be honest; running a state calls for efficiency. Never ever did I get a feeling that AAP can be efficient. You know, when I as a citizen of Delhi evaluated my government, what I had realized was that, well the state was being run quite well. What I mean to say is, if I had come to a polluted Delhi in 2003, the Delhi today breathes much better. Thanks to the govt’s conscious efforts. We hardly have power cuts. Even if we do, it is planned and people are cautioned to plan ahead; mot of teh time it does nt go beyond a few hours; the price that we pay for the same is much more that what we would have paid in case of non-privatization. I am not saying, it does’nt pinch me when I pay so much. But when I get solutions for what I pay, then I do not question it as much. People are constantly talking about rapes. Reality check- we as a society have a long mile to go to make ourselves feel more secure. It is really sad, that such a grave issue is taken up by political parties (all of them alike) to through dirt on the other. If they really cared, instead of the dharnas an the hoardings that shouted against the government, they would have said or done things that actually ensured a change in society.
    When I look at the current political scenario, the following is what I see:
    AAP (supposedly honest) but inefficient. I would urge you to read how they get their funding and support and what Ford foundation really is here:

    Congress is not equal to Rahul Gandhi. A person forced into politics- it shows in whatever he speaks. A party which had great fundamentals, but got carried away with so many oldies and especially last year with a lot of operational mess. They better realize what they will have to correct operationally to get back in the game.

    BJP is not equal to Modi. Great visionary but a party that needs re-branding. From an extremist to hopefully one day secular. Else, they might just get a come back and lose it yet again.

    The point of your s about Arnab Goswami- Well, he is a great media professional, running for parliament is yet again a different thing. Let us judge him when and if he ever decides to do so. You know, questioning is the easiest that one can do. But when you question, do you have the right solutions too – is what makes the difference I feel.

    So ya..the answer is not that you don’t vote. Then you are equally responsible for what you face.
    But when you vote, put the right questions in your head. Has this guy done something for my constituency? If so, he is the guy who can take it ahead. Do I see any new potential candidate? Does their respective parties have the creditability/ fundamentals in place? We often get carried away by emotions, but political system in our country is made of each one of us and if we do not look at in an objective based approach, it will continue to be what it is.

    Whenever we question our system, let us remember we make this system. Are we ready to not bribe when we want papers to move faster. Are we ready to stand up and do things that will change us and our viewpoints on how to set things right. Not just question, but maybe time that we start finding those answers at our own local levels.

    1. Actually I wrote this with a pinch of sarcasm, which I guess I failed to convey as your and other comments suggests :)….well sarcasm was not my cup of tea anyway!!
      I wrote the above article when keeping the fb twitter trends in mind.The same person who had a broom as his cover photo now shares AAP spoof videos and funny AK jokes…I just feel that we Indians are impatient lots…but why?We have not seen any dramatic improvement in decades ,so why are we so impatient with AAp Action? well all I can think of is the influence of movies, may be we expected AAP ministers to walk around with a typewriter typing of memos and laws as they go like Anil Kapoor in Nayak or we had a vision of AK walking in slow motion and Hospitals and Colleges springing out on both sides like in Sivaji :)…
      I was just telling what happens in social media sites today, all we do is troll the politicians.And we support the ones who give a good speech with punchy dialogues….I mean, that is childish right?
      And the part about me not voting was true, but that was not because I did not want just did not happen.You must be knowuing how difficult it is to get hold of a voters ID if you are out of your hometown.As far as I know the camp to give out voters ID happens once or twice a year and I got mine when I was 25 or something! Voting somehow never happened and I am not very proud of it….But I would like to point out many of us who criticize the politicians do so without actually voting….
      And I agree with all the points you had put forward….

  2. Noce post. I was dealing with the same confusion a couple of days before and almost reached the same conclusion. AAP gave such amount of hope in the beginning that I actually expected some change. 🙂

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