A journey of agony

They led me out of the shed and pushed me towards a musty truck. I did not want to get in. It looked overstuffed. Almost every inch of it was filled with others like me.They all looked back at me helplessly.

How was I expected to get inside? I shook my head to show protest and then slowly tried to walk back towards the shed. It was not the coziest place, but it was better than this truck. That was when a quick burning pain erupted on my back, they had hit me yet again. I felt numb for a moment and then I meekly did what I was asked to do. I squeezed myself inside the truck.

Soon after I got in, they pulled down the flap and and there was darkness.We were all scared.No one made a sound, but I could feel an unknown fear vibrating inside the room.
A little later, the truck started moving and we were all thrown against each other.It took a while before we all regained balance.No one could move a muscle, we were all jam packed inside.

I don’t know how long I stood in there.I was feeling sick.Breathing was getting difficult ,it was as if the space was devoid of air.My legs were shaking with fatigue. My throat was parched. I forgot the last time I ate.All I wanted to do was lie down, but there was no enough place.After a while, I felt my eye lids growing heavy, I slowly rested against the wall and tried to make room to lie down.Others around me made sounds of protests.Soon we were all pushing against each other, each trying to find a place to rest. I don’t know how long I had gone without food and water.I was exhausted.I pushed with all my force, I had to sleep

The truck suddenly stopped moving and a little later I saw the flap being lifted. Light flooded in and a gush of fresh air rushed in. I took a gulp of air and sighed in relief. May be we could get out now.

But soon I realized that they were not going to let us out .I did not first understand what they were doing. But the cries of agony that filled my ears told me to expect the worst. They were going to hurt me in some way. My instincts kicked in and  I shook maniacally. Suddenly they reached in front of me.One of them held my head tightly.The other shoved something in my eyes.And then there was pain beyond comprehension.I screamed.I wished I was dead.
I don’t recall when the truck started moving again. Every ounce of energy within me had died away .No one among us moved.We all stood there shocked and numbed by pain.No one felt sleepy after that, the burning fire inside our eyes took care of that.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but slowly I grew accustomed to the pain.I no longer felt the fatigue or the hunger.It was as if I was in a trance.
That was when the truck stopped again. My heart trembled with fear.How were they planning to hurt us this time? What did we do to deserve such agony?


The flap was lifted and the wooden plank was placed in front of the truck and I knew it was over.The journey of torture had ended.may be they would take us back into the shed.After the ordeal we had gone through the mere memory of the stale food and smelly water made me salivate.We were pushed and beaten again as our numb legs refused to move. As I got down from the truck, I looked around. There was no sign of food.I greedily licked the dried filaments of grass that lined the ground.May be they would soon give us some water. My tongue was dangling out of my mouth.

We were all lined up. I saw a patch of green to my left and rushed to there with joy. That was when they hit me hard and pulled me back to the line.As I waited for my turn, I heard a heart chilling scream fill the air. Clueless I looked around ,my eyes wide with fear.I saw the same look of terror reflected in the eyes of others!

Fortunately ,we remained in the comfort of ignorance of what lied in store until we saw the knife raised above our heads!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

This post is inspired by this article.The story is an attempt to portray this injustice through the eyes of the helpless animal.


8 thoughts on “A journey of agony

  1. Very very moving account of what happens from an animal’s perspective. ‘I liked it ‘.. would be a wrong thing to say. Should i say i was touched … may this inspire more people to pledge against cruelty towards animals.

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