Legacy of thoughts

People want nothing but mirrors around them. To reflect them while they’re reflecting too … Reflections of reflections and echoes of echoes. No beginning and no end. No center and no purpose”

Ayn Rand

I remember being bowled over when I read these words in my then favorite book The Fountainhead.Over years, I have outgrown the influence Ayn Rand’s books had on me and have made peace with the idea that she went a little overboard in projecting the futility of mankind.But these words still remain to be one of the most influential quotes that I have ever read.

I often wonder if my thoughts are mere echoes and reflections and I am certain to some level that they are.I am not embarrassed about it, but not very proud either. Our thoughts,beliefs and lifestyles are not something that sprang out when we were born.They have been floating around for generations.Some people just absorb these ideas and reflect them as they are in their lives.Some customize these ideas based on their own instincts and project a slightly different versions.There are rebels who take in these thoughts and give out a antonymical  point of view.

But none of our thoughts are our own.They have been passed down from generations.They are the mutated versions of the original thoughts of our predecessors.They have been eroded off, smoothed, polished, vague outed, made more precise,transformed ,stretched and like wiseshaped in to a million ways in the process of human evolution.

Just like our bodies evolved, our thoughts also evolved.As much as we love to claim ourselves as the masters of our lives, we are not.We have a majestic legacy , centuries old, that attaches itself to the minutest element of our contemporary lives.How much ever we try to shake it off, how much ever effort we put to wipe it off,it still remains.

The savageness of the cavemen, the ferociousness of the early hunters,the fighter instincts of the forest dwellers, the grace of the craftsmen , the wildness of the early tribes , the power hunger of the old kings, the weird beliefs of the wild- we have it all within us.We have unknowingly and unwantedly inherited dark as well as noble thoughts that have reigned on the mankind over thousands of years.

Sometimes we just echo all those things that were already said, we just do all things that were already thought of.Yes, our generation will add to those bundle of thoughts and feelings and pass it on to the next generation.How much ever they are going to hate it, they have to involuntarily carry the burden of their legacy!


3 thoughts on “Legacy of thoughts

  1. I also love that quote by Ayn Rand. And for me also, Rands’ Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged swayed my views and ideas. It was ‘the kick’ for me.
    I also imagine the present generation as a legacy of the past, carrying with them the bits of the identities of their ancestors.

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