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Saga of Super Humans

Super Humans….They are indeed a different class of Homo sapiens!!

I am sure,every one of us must have had an intimidating encounter  with at least one of them.

download (7)Was there an extra ordinarily bright, studious,good-looking girl/boy in your school? The one who was terrific in sports, great at cultural activities, teacher’s pet and topped every activity you could ever think of.The one who was the most popular and who had the coolest friend circle?

What about in your college? Was there a larger than life batch mate in your college life whom everybody secretly admired? The one who had just the bare minimum attendance , who always partied with friends, who had a perfect girlfriend/boy friend,who had the best looks and in spite of all these still managed to score 80 and 90% in all the semesters?

Then comes Super Colleague! The heart and brain of your office.The one who, in spite of the less experience, runs your department.The one whom even the clients approach for help and to add-on has a great life outside the work world.The one who is the unavoidable element of every fun event.the one who does not have to make any effort to soar in success!!

download (6)

You find these super humans in every walk of your life.As super wife/husband or super Mom/dad and even super grand parents. They juggle their work and family gracefully.They make wise investments and always gets the best job.They have the perfect spotless house.They have the most beautifully brought up children.They have the perfect friend circle. They don’t even have couples rows!Their kids are not picky eaters.They get along with everyone.They become the cornerstone of the social circle.They eat the most healthy home cooked meals.They look perfectly fit even in their fifties.The women have hour-glass figures even after giving birth to two or three kids and the men always flaunts a six pack!They wear the perfect dress,have the perfect smiles. They host the perfect parties.They go on trips where nothing goes wrong. They celebrate every moment of life gracefully and flawlessly.And they don’t have to struggle to achieve any of these.

Super humans they are and they intimidate the rest of second class humans.We love to bitch about them, but we do it with a pinch of guilt because they are so damn perfect,there is nothing bad about them.

I think these super humans should be declared as a new evolved species.Their genes and chromosomes should be mapped and the secret behind their perfection should be found.There should be something that makes them so superior.May be a mutilated gene or a highly developed brain area,or an extra set of chromosomes or ….wait a minute,you don’t think they know magic do you?Or may be they are vampires like the Cullen family!!

But let us strip of their secrets and bitch about them.Let us show them that the world belong to us ,the imperfects….:)

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10 thoughts on “Saga of Super Humans

  1. From a distance, it appears ‘superhumans’ have no problems. But if you know them really well, you’ll know that they also have problems. Sometimes, their problems are bigger than others’ problems. The difference is ‘superhumans’ know how to take their problems in their stride.

  2. After reading this post I became nostalgic. I had always envied these superhumans type – only till my college days. Then I observed that they are taking actions which I am not. Started taking action now. 😉 Ansd others say that I am acting crazy. 😛

  3. To be very honest with you, I am yet to meet that one superhuman who has absolutely no worries, and everything that he/she needs in life. I guess I live life around normal imperfect people all the time 😀

    Lovely post though. loved how you described these ‘super humans’ 😀

      1. Oh no, trust me, there are more than quite a few superhumans around, it’s just that I personally don’t know anybody. For sure, I have heard of them, but then the fact remains that if you get to know them really well, am sure they ll have their set of insecurities as well. It’s just a question of the ‘grass being greener on the other side’ kind of thing, I guess….

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