Had I Known

In the bounds

of the cold,dull room

my thoughts went numb!

Seconds and minutes

tickled away

Could I be

running out of time?

They don’t talk around me anymore.

Though their silence speaks volumes,

so do their sighs!


Do they think

I am going to die?

Are they mourning,

weighing inmy options?

And Am I

yet ready to go?

No,certainly not, for

I know nothing

Of the world beyond!

What if there isn’t

anything ahead, what if the end

is just abrupt!

I would live, if given a chnace

I would hang in here;

knowing that at least my heart beats !


I know I should let go.I know

I should want  less pain.

A closure, a peaceful farewell!

But the fear of not knowing

makes me dread the end!

I never thought I would be

scared to die, I was me –invincible,

bold and brave.Now I

see my fear andI cringe.

But why is the truth

Concealed still?Why is

the afterlife unfathomable?

A secret ,is it?

Why are there mere speculations?

Are the corner stones of

faiths just fables?

It would have

been easier,had I known!

Even if it was just

the emptiness that awaited ,it would

have been easier had I known!


I would love to know what you thought....

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