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The Art of Crying aka The therapy of tears

Laughter is the best medicine….may be it is…but I think the most rejuvenating act that a human can do is to cry!!

I seriously mean it, it works ;at least for me!!

It is as if all the the negative thoughts in your mind ooze out as tears when you cry and you feel liberated; you will surely feel loads better after a crying session.

Before I go into details, I have a flashback story to reveal.Oh..nothing fancy :).

I was in 11th I guess and was chatting with this girl in my class.Suddenly she gets up and tells me that she needed a cry break.Yes, you read it right! A cry break, not a smoke break, not a snack break!After blurting out these words she quietly headed to the rest room and came back after 10 minutes or so with puffy eyes! I was concerned, at that moment I could relate crying only to something miserable,something bad. So I went up to her,patted her shoulders and asked her if there was anything that I could do to help her with what ever her problem was. The girl gave me a smile and told me that she cried just like that, just because she felt like it.There was no problem and she was all fine.

Well, I did not buy her logic then.I remember thinking she had some real deep problem that she did not want to share with me.We were not best friends or anything.I can’t say for sure that she indeed meant what she told, but if anyone would tell me today that she/he cried just because she/he needed a cry break I would happily accept it without a second thought;because that is something that I do every now and then.

So if you have anything disturbing in your mind,if you feel that something heaving inside your chest and you just want to get it out, pick out a sad movie or book.You can cry to your hearts content and you will feel better.I discovered this technique quite accidentally. I had one really bad exam when I was in college.You know ‘the sure to fail’ kind of exam and I was quite shaken up.I was a decent student with no failed exam in my whole student life credit.I felt so so bad, you can’t even imagine! Okay,it might not have been a big deal, but it was the biggest deal for me at that juncture(yeah..I was a little uncool).As I went back to hostel,I found out that a few of my hostel mates were going for this new movie.I did not want to go sit and brood alone,so I went with them.The movie turned out to be a super sad melancholic drama and I got to cry from the first frame(I normally wouldn’t have but my depressing mood had me crying).So I got to cry through out the movie in the comfortable darkness of the theater, with out feeling bad about crying and with nobody poking their nose and asking me what was wrong.I did not feel weak or stupid because technically I was not crying over my silly problems,I was crying because the story was sad and depressing,that had nothing to do with me.It is like tackling your problems by not realizing that you are actually doing it!!Once I realized the power of this therapy,there was no looking back 🙂

Even today I do this.When I feel down, I pick some movies from my list.There are quite a few favorites(My personal favorite is Akashadoothe (literally translates to ‘message of the sky’; a Malayalam movie) and Children of heaven.These two movies have never ceased to make me cry.(I have outgrown most others from my list) and then I cry my heart out.There are some books too which helps me in this therapy like PS I love you by Cecilia Ahern or some of the Nicholas Spark books(.I know I shouldn’t be reading them now that I am a grown up woman and all 🙂 ) Once the cry button is triggered, I cry till I forget all my problems and I feel lighter and tougher afterwards. The best part comes when you finish crying.You calm off and feel the exhilarating peace.It’s like a sun coming out after heavy rain, a ray of hope shining among all your problems!! The soft sobs and heavy sighs remind you that your problems can be faced, it has to come to an end.When you are frustrated, you can turn this crying into silent screams and you will feel so so better-mark my words!When you cry harder, you feel each gulp of your breath, your thoughts resonates with your sighs and you feel alive.You realize that there is no need to lock your negative vibes within yourself.You can let it out.You just need to open the window and all those stuffy things float outside.And you feel refreshed,you feel ready to face anything!I bet crying was one of the most beautiful discoveries made by human kind, and it is so effortless ,natural and purposeful!

But then, do this exercise in private.You don’t want others going about thinking that  you have lost your marbles!

Try this and let me know if you think crying is a therapy in itself(Do you think I should try patenting it-The Art of crying like in The Art of living ?)


11 thoughts on “The Art of Crying aka The therapy of tears

  1. i’m so happy to have discovered this post… at least someone resonates my thoughts and views… i felt i was reading my own experiences… (terrace is a perfect spot for cry break)… and just a suggestion- the font size is a bit small to read comfortably…

  2. I guess it has to do with some chemicals and hormones in our body that actually brings forth the urge to cry, and when they are released from the system, my guess is that it contributes to reduction of the feeling of sorrow, unhappiness or helplessness.

    I also do this once in a while, but didn’t realize that it is so therapeutic until I read this post.

  3. May be crying IS refreshing, I don’t cry as much. However, I have seen that tears start oozing out from my eyes at some times when I am alone, though I have a smile on my face. And in reality it feels better after that. :P(open confession on New Year’s Eve)

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