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Legacy of magical beliefs

As a kid, when I used to sit engrossed reading  Enid Blyton’s “Faraway tree” kind of books,I convinced myself that those magical characters really existed,somewhere hidden to the human world. I still like to think that only blessed souls get a chance to encounter magic first hand , the rest of us have to be contented by reading and imagining about it.

Yet another of my favorite book of that time was Aithihyamala(Collection of myths) , a Malayalam book written by Kottarathil Shankunni(it is a series of books with 9 or 10 volumes) and is full of stories filled with magic and fantasies!

And then I came face to face with JK Rowlings wizard world and then there was no looking back. Actually I was not a kid while I started reading Harry Potter series.I think I was in high school, 9th or tenth.But the book stroke a chord with my magical fantasies. I loved every moment of it, especially the portion where it is emphasized that the ‘magic ignorant muggles’ are alienated from the wizard word and any chance encounter memories are taken care of by memory charms. It made sense to me. That sure must be the way it works. In another of those books there is a mention of how rule breaking wizards play trick on clueless muggles by making their things infinitely small and drive them into a crazy hunt for their disappeared things.These muggles gives up after a thorough but unsuccessful search mission and that is when the things magically returns.The muggles ,who cannot even acknowledge for one second about the possibility of magical involvement, blames ones own poor memory.That must have happened to me, right? Ah….I so believe in magic.

Being a magic frantic person, I think I am raising my child in a fantasy world of myths and stories. I sometimes wonder if I am telling my child too many lies, but I can’t help it.I just pour out my stories to her and she listens with her eyes wide.

This incident happened a few months back when my in-laws were visiting.I was telling my daughter the story of a fairy Godmother who actually lived in a magical place in the sky, where there are so many fun things to do like a lake on which you can walk, a tree with lots of fruits that would bend when you ask it to, a merry go round made of real animals, animals and birds that could actually talk, a wishing well which gives you whatever you want….you get the hang of it right!
I also told her that if one does not behave well the fairy turns them to frogs and locks them in a room until she feels the person has changed.Even after this elaborate story hour my little one still showed no signs of sleep and as soon as she came to know that I was done with the story, she wanted to go to the other room where my in laws were sleeping ,of course to hear a fresh round of story from her grand mother.I told her that it was a full moon day and there were chances that the fairy God mother would come visit us that night if we did a little prayer and waited patiently.I just wanted her to stay in bed long enough to fall asleep!

She was all excited and we did this little prayer kind of thing and waited.After a few minutes, she got all bored and went scurrying to her grandmother and I called after her that she is going to miss the fun if fairy Godmother actually chooses to appear.

When she was gone, I did some time pass on the laptop and after sometime went into the restroom.When I was gone, my daughter returned and she did not see me.Her logic told her that fairy god mother had actually come and took me with her to the magic world.When I came out of the bathroom, I saw her looking at the ceiling and crying (with real tears rolling down) aloud that she too wanted to go.I couldn’t help but laugh!!

As she saw me laughing, she realized the foolishness of what she just did and used her usual line “Was that Funny?” (Was that funny and Are you happy are her favorite sentences)and started laughing with me.

But , that incident made me realize how blind faith-ed kids are when they are little.They just buy what ever you tell them.It broke my heart but I told her that what ever i told her was just a story! I am not sure if she actually believed me that time! I just don’t want her to realize think that her Mother was a big fat lier when she grow up!
From then I have tried to be as realistic as possible in my stories and my talks!Yeah she can chose to live in a fantasy world like mine, but let she figure it out herself from the books!
(She asked me yesterday if Santa was going to visit our house and I couldn’t resist telling her that if she behaved well and kept the house clean,he certainly would.Now how can tell her Santa does not exist?)


4 thoughts on “Legacy of magical beliefs

  1. my magical trip started with ‘Son pari’ serial in starplus, them Fairy tales, ‘Shakalaka boom boom’ …then the ultimate magical world-ofcourse harry potter… and its continuing …..

  2. hehe this reminds me of our niece 🙂 shes in 2nd grade now and reads a lot and we got her these Enid blyton books now and she has started blogging too which is actually interesting .. the way she reads and puts up her thoughts for us to read .. your post just reminded me of her 🙂

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