God Bless You

I bumped on to him and apologized ; he said it was fine.
God Bless You” he turned to leave.
Yet another religious fool, I thought to myself.
Thanks, but I am an atheist” I usually love their expression when I say that.It crumbles like a kid’s who is made to watch somebody else eat all his candy.
But this man just smiled and said “That is fine“.
I believe in only science.Science that has given us all the answers.” I added defensively.
The man looked at me with interest.”So do you think you know it all?” .
While I opened my mouth to reply he added authoritatively.”You have it all wrong. Science is only one of the tools that can decipher the secrets of this world.There are others too.Of course tougher and more complex , but more efficient for sure.You need it all to complete the picture.” he paused.
Think about it” He smiled again before he walked away.

This post is written for  -100 Words on Saturday – Week 8 –Write Tribe

(Disclaimer : It actually ran about 160 words, so technically its is not a 100 words write up 😦 )


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